Oreo Huel- totally indulgent

So I know most people here love their nutrition (thanks Huel) but if you ever want a treat that fills you up and keeps you full, look no further:
1 scoop Huel
3 scoops almond milk (how great is almond milk btw?! Feel like my vegan friends have been keeping this gem a secret!)
2-3 Oreos (I know I know, they’re calorific, but I deserved it)

I whizz it together in the shaker with a hand mixer (add milk before the Huel/Oreos)

All the usual stuff: fridge makes it thicker, milk/water makes it thinner.



Sounds epic! But just the one scoop of Huel? Is this more of a treaty snack than a full meal?

Psssst sometimes I double it all but didn’t want to admit to eating 5 Oreos at once. Although tbf it does take me like 3 hours to drink