Overweight sugar addict trying Huel for the first time!


Hi from NZ. Been on Huel for nearly 4 weeks, I dislike the vanilla as well, waaaay to sweet. To use up the bag I make 1.5 scoops UU and .5 scoop vanilla with mocha flavour or cocoa. I think you definitely have to blend it if you can or it’s a tad gritty.

Totally agree with you about not having to think about what to eat. Keeps me on track. I don’t get lunch breaks often (hairdresser) so huel has been amazing to just sip away at through the day. Don’t feel anywhere near as hungry these days to. Wahoooo. GO HUEL


I had a similar idea this morning! I’ve got 500ml of warm water with 2 scoops of UU and 1 scoop vanilla and a bit of cinamon and blended in my Huel shaker with a hand blender. It’s not too bad! Still got the sweetener aftertaste, but no way as bad. Also i think the hand blender helped it be less powdery, so not too bad all round.

Are you using Huel for weight loss? How have you found it? I’m getting some serious afternoon fatigue unfortunately :\ Trying to push on a few more days…


I’m doing it for weight loss but mainly to help with not grabbing crap out of the pantry and since I hardly eat at work I would come home and binge :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Iv lost about 5kg (about 11pounds I think) but have been doing hill walks as well so trying to be more active. I’m trying not to worry about the weight and trying to focus on better eating, also I suffer from bad headaches about 2-3 times a week and since going off breads and pasta etc and sticking with huel, Ive hardly had any… WHOP WHOP!!!

It did take and a good couple of weeks to get the consistentcey right with huel. I found 3 scoops made me feel a bit full and really tired after so I now do 500ml ish and only 2 scoops. In the morning I blend UU with banana, 4 frozen strawberrys and handful frozen blueberries and vitamin powder and it’s really nice. Arvo I do my 3/4 UU 1/4 V and Mocha powder.

I found once I only did 2 scoops to 500ml I felt better, I also take a good hour or two to drink it as a pose to chugging it in 20 mins then felling sluggish. Plus I’m no where near as hungry as I use to be. It gets me through the day easily.

So cool to come in here and find people in the same boat and great to get all sorts of different advice.


See, I’d be really worried to drop to 2 scoops from 3, because I already feel pretty fatigued and hungry. In fact, I think on day 1 I was feeling a lot less hungry than now. It’s almost like I had more readily accessible junk calories on the first day, but now, day 4, I’m starting to run on empty…

Might try 2 scoops in 500ml of stock for lunch…


Charlie, have you tried to add some fruits or vegetables to Huel? This should help with hunger simply because they have a large volume and weight (relative to their calories) and they’ll fill your stomach. Plus, fruits and vegetables will allow you to vary the taste (good) and they’ll improve nutritional value (this is also good). The taste buds for sweetness are there precisely to encourage you to eat fruits and veggies, so use them for their purpose and don’t feel guilty about carbs. This is what the essence of what i was trying to say.


Yea good point. Or perhaps stick with your 3 scoops and maybe try adding a touch more water? I do think after a good week or so you will feel better. It’s defiantly trial and error hey!


Been doing 2 scoops of Huel to 500ml of fluid and it seems to be better, thanks for the suggestion! I would never have thought of that!

I tried 2 scoops (3/4 UU; 1/4 V) with 500ml of warm milk this morning. It was pretty bland at that ratio, so I added a tablespoon of raw cocao, a hint of cinnamon and a drip of natural vanilla essence. That really sucked, way too bitter :expressionless: Back to my ‘gruel’ recipe for breakfast tomorrow, but probably with 2 scoops, not 3…

Lunch is 2 scoops of UU in 500ml of stock again today. It tastes like a Cup a Soup, which is doable, but I gotta say I like my home made soups a lot better (with chunks of crusty bread with lashings of butter :wink: )

Yesterday I snacked on sugar snap peas and a nectarine, basically making up for the calories removed by the lost scoop of Huel - that was nice :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re doing great. I’ve been a sugar fiend myself the last couple of months, I know how hard it is to give up!


Yea having the fruit blended in it helps a tad. I’m
Going to try make mine warm tomorrow morning (sloppy porridge :nauseated_face:) I’ll put some cinamon and maple syrup in to. It’s a bit hard to drink mine cold on a winters morning.

Glad the one less scoop seems to be working. Maybe up it to 3 again in a couple of weeks and see how you feel.

Just got an iWatch so I’m able to start tracking my walks and steps etc in a day. Very interesting how much we actually do in a day.


Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Thought I should do a quick update!

Current weight: 12 stone 11 !

So, In just over a week I’ve lost 1/2 a stone!

I’m not suffering from the same mind numbing fatigue anymore, which is a relief! I’ve settled into an pattern I’m happy with:

1 scoop UU & 1 scoop Vanilla with 500ml cold water for breakfast.

Mug of nettle tea.

Snack midmorning of some vegetables, like a carrot.

Mug of nettle tea.

Lunch of 2 scoops UU with 1 teaspoon of Marigold vegetable stock powder in 500ml hot/warm water (I was using more stock powder, until I realised the salt levels were off the chart, however I was pleasantly surprised that 1 teaspoon is enough to give the UU a soup taste :slight_smile: )

Mug of nettle tea.

Snack mid-afternoon of some fruit, like a nectarine.

Mug of nettle tea.

Normal evening meal with an eye on portion control

Evening ‘treat’ of 20g of dark chocolate and a nettle tea :stuck_out_tongue:

The mugs of nettle tea are really helping me feel satisfied.

I’ve been tracking my calorie intake on ‘Livestrong’ just to get an idea of calories. I’ve never tracked calories before, just focused on eating healthy things, it’s a real revelation! I’ve realised that even when I was being healthy I was eating 500 calories of dark chocolate! That’s like a small meal!! And I thought I was doing the right thing going dark. Wish I could still get the delicious sugar free dark chocolate with mint I used to eat in Australia… can’t even remember the brand name!

I’m thinking some kind of fitness tracker might be in order for my birthday next month…


GTIPuG, I’ve found a nice link on ketogenic diets. It’s written by someone pro ketogenic diet, but from my perspective, he only shows how difficult and impractical it is to not ruin your body with a low carb diet.

What’s surprising to me is the theory that very few carbs is better than few carbs. I think it can’t be true but it’s not entirely false either. It’s probably a self-fulfilling prophecy: low carb causes an intolerance for carbs.

I can also recommend these two links on this topic:



Yea me to, Iv never tracked calories before either untill now and yea wow I was quite surprised at what has a lot of calories than I thought. I’m not going to stick to it majorly coz at The of the day we all no whats good and not good But has still be great to no what I’m doing is “on track” and yes the watch is so good. I really love it so far. Don’t nonif the pics will work but gives you an idea of today’s tracking. I think it will keep me wanting to reach my daily goals coz its right there on my wrist. Haha.


Great pictures! I’ve got a Fitbit charge 2 at the moment for activity tracking, but I really want to get an Apple Watch in the future. It looks really motivating!


That looks complicated! I might need to get my 10 year old daughter to explain it to me… :wink:

Today’s weigh in was 12 stone 9.4, couldn’t believe it! Be interesting to see if I maintain that tomorrow though, since I made ‘Hello Fresh’ quesadillas for dinner (which were soo delicious) but apparently 1000 calories per serve, hopefully less for me as I went easy on the sour cream… :open_mouth:

Hopefully a busy day of sorting shit in the house worked off a few of those calories… I would know if I had a FitBit :joy:


Haha, well that’s true, it even tracks house work hehe. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Have just ordered “Super Elixier” it looks amazing. Still going to use huel but just giving myself a change in the day, so one meal Huel and one Elixir chocolate protein.

The alkalizing powder sounds amazing aswell, love that it’s all plant based, and hopefuly it’s just what I need so I’m going to do the 30 day challenge (literally just 2 teaspoons in water each day) and see how I feel. Love the idea of alkalizing my body, Hope it helps my silly skin clear up to grrrrr :triumph:


Ooh! I looked it up, looks interesting! You’ll have to tell me what you think of both products! Does the chocolate protein powder have a ‘sweetener’ taste? It looked pretty pricey, how does it compare to Huel in value?

Think the alkalizing powder sounds great - definitely want your update! I always wonder if you’re doing Huel is any further nutrition needed?

I am fortunate that my skin is pretty good, I only get hormonal spots at that time of month. I take evening primrose oil to help with my PMT (lest I decide to act on my homicidal monthly urges :joy::joy::joy: ) and a live culture for my tummy. God knows if it actually does anything!


BTW - today’s weigh in was 12 stone 8.2 :open_mouth:


Yea I’ll defiantly keep you guys posted. I have high hopes for it so cross fingers. Should arrive Monday.

Cost wise I think it’s going to cost me a tiny bit more but with HUEL I have to pay $50 NZD just for postage which really ups the price if your not in the U.K. This has cost me about $100 NZD for 1kg chic protein as a pose to $160 NZD for 3.4kg of HUEL. BUT… keeping in mind i THINK you only have to use 1 scoop instead of me using 2-3 so actually if you add it up it may be about the same cost. I’m going to be a geek and do a comparison of how long it last, amount per g etc. My 2 bags of huel only lasted about 2-3 weeks so to be honest I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty even in price.

I’m ok with paying a bit extra for the green elixir coz im terrible with taking vitamins and water so this will help and I’m at the stage where I’d rather remove a few not so good items from my supermarket list each week and get my health sorted. Going health is expensive :weary::weary::weary:

Still really happy with huel tho but I’m keen as to mix it up a bit. I do find I get a small amount of indigestion from huel so hopefuly elixir doesn’t do that. We’ll see.



Ooh, I want to know that geek information :wink:

I’ve been wondering about vitamin/mineral supplements. Huel says it’s a complete nutrition, but i’m only eating 2 scoops twice a day, (so about 624 cals, not the full 2000 cal) then a normal balanced meal for dinner. I’m also eating raw fruit and veg as snacks. I used to take a multivitamin and mineral supplement, but I stopped when I started Huel, because I don’t just want to be peeing out expensive supplements! Thoughts?!

I’ve had some indigestion early on, but I don’t seem to be having any problems (more than my guy would usually give me!) anymore.