Overweight sugar addict trying Huel for the first time!


Yea I’m the same as you, I only have 4 scoops in total max so that why I thought elixir might help with a top up of anything I’m missing. I’m useless at taking vitamins so that’s why I like huel / elixir. Iv had a cold for bloody aaaaaages and thought huel would have helped but I’m not so sure… although, perhaps it would be a worse cold if I wasn’t on huel not just blocked sinuses.

That’s good your having fruit to. I’m not a huge fruit fan so I put it in my huel in the A.M.


Cold sounds sucky :frowning: I guess it is winter for you atm though?

Tbh, I was hardly eating any fruit before, veggies, yes, but not fruit. I find if I don’t eat it on its own I get wind from fruit, and as I was always eating other stuff there was no ‘empty tummy’ time to fit in fruit :joy: Gotta say i’m a bit fussy though, I rarely eat stuff like apples, oranges, pears etc, I mainly stick to things like berries and nectarines. Really missing the tropical fruit I used to get locally in Australia! :yum:

How are you finding the weight loss? I’ve dropped about 10 pounds (4.5kg) in the past 2 weeks, trying to keep my calories around 1500 a day (except on weekends, when I went up to about 1800). Been the same weight these past 3 days despite sticking to 1500 calories per day though, feeling a bit deflated. I’m hoping there’s a lag… :rofl:


Yea it’s winter and EVERYONE is sick at the mo. Loads of bad colds and flu around so can’t complain to much.

Yea I’m fussy with fruit. I’m a nectarine kinda gal to so I hear ya!!!

Weight loss is frustrating, I dropped 4.5kg but it’s been soooo slow for the last 2-3 weeks. Hardly lost anything. Basically a few hundred grams each week :rage: In saying that tho I don’t stop myself from a few treats like at the movies the other day I had ice cream / popcorn and the odd white fresh bread roll lathered in butter :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: but I try not to feel bad about it coz it’s just life and I’m not going to miss out on the fun stuff with the kids. So if I was being extremely strict I think I would have lost a bit more but my journey is about being 80/20 so majority of the time I like to make good food choices and go for a hill walk / gym 3-4 times a week but I still want treats a couple of times a week.

I hardly go over my 1400 cal limit so it’s bafffling me a little why weight loss is so slow but sometimes we are just who we are (you no what I mean).

I feel if I take it easy with weight loss then it’s more likely I can keep up with it for years to come, not I’ll drop 10kg with then put it all back on again in 6 months which has happened to A LOT of my friends (and myself to be honest) so trying something different this time.

Ok… here comes the geek part… :nerd_face:

I just sat and done a price work out on Elixir:

It’s $3.30 per protein drink (NZD) and $2.40 per alkalizing drunk (NZD) which I think works out cheeper, HOWEVER… I’m just about to work out huel and Iv noticed Elixir is much lower in calories SO I’m thinking I’d need at least 3-4 drinks a day min to make up the difference in calories (only having huel 2 max, sometimes only 1 and a light lunch) or if I don’t and it keeps me full then the less calories may help with weight loss??? Or not??? (I have heard too little calories can result in opposite effect kind of)

So if I have to drink 4 shakes a day with Elixir then it may work out quite dear.

Anyway… I’m off to work huel out… “I’ll be back” (arnie) :joy:

Ps… I practically just wrote a book :nerd_face::flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aw plus they seem different in the vitamin and mineral part to but o guess it all depends what works best for you / what your looking for.


Not sure if I have worked this out right BUT…

Because I only have 2 scoops not the recommended 3, It only works out to be $5.50 NZD per day for huel (that’s doing it the cheapest way, recurring etc) as aposed to (possibly, coz I’m not sure how many shakes I’ll need) about $12 NZD for Elixir. I’m really not going to no tho for a week or so of using it. Another reason I’m keen to do both huel and elixir.

So a definite difference but I’m still keen to keep you posted on what I think of it. Should be here tomorrow :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Will be interesting to see if it kick starts my weight loss again… cross fingers.

Off to bed… Night :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


That $10-$12 included the one a day alkalizer drink to.


This post is from last week Looks like I didn’t hit ‘reply’ to post it! Sorry Hayz-NZ!

That sounds familiar! I’ve had a few ‘treat’ things, like yorkshire puddings with Sunday lunch last week and a slice of multigrain toast with a skim of butter & nutella (oh yum!), but I also rarely go over my 1500 limit. I’m hoping to see a change on the scales tomorrow…

My fear is that my body will get used to existing on 1500 calories per day and then put on weight if I go above :flushed: but surely that’s just paranoid, I mean ultimately it should be a matter of maths, less in = lose weight; the right amount = stay the same and too much = gain weight. May have kicked my scales a bit this morning… you know, just to test they are still working :wink:

I have been holding off exercising (other than housework) so I could see the true impact of the Huel, without adding gaining muscle mass into the equation. I also measure once a month as another indicator of slimming down, even if the scales are staying the same - hopefully see some cms lost next measure…

If you go to the gym that much, perhaps your plateau is down to gaining muscle?

Interesting stats re the Elixir! Keep me posted on your thoughts when it arrives!

I agree it’s better to be a bit sustainable with the weight loss, else the chance of falling of the wagon and gaining it all back are big! But wouldn’t it be nice to just fast forward to the bit where we’re 60kg :joy:


Sorry for the delay in posting - it’s school holidays and I’m rushed off my tits!!

Amazingly I’ve been sticking to the Huel for breakfast and lunch (2 scoops - 1 V & 1 UU with 400ml of water), with raw fruit and veg and hot nettle tea for snacks, then a normal home cooked evening meal, followed by a mug of hot nettle tea (I don’t drink normal tea, went off it when I was preggers with no. 1…) and 20g of dark chocolate for my evening ‘treat’. Keeping calories around the 1500 mark. Even managed a sneaky chinese takeaway last night and fitted it into the calories by just sharing an egg fried rice and prawn sweet n sour with hubby :smiley:

WEIGH IN - today’s weight was 12 stone 5.2 - which I really pleased with. Just over a pound to go and I will have lost a STONE - not bad for (what will hopefully be) 4 weeks work!

Things I am learning…

It’s ok to go to bed a little empty/hungry feeling. In fact, it feels a lot better than going to bed bloated and stuffed to the brim like I often used to! A big glass of water before bed usually does the trick!

A big glass of water / mug of nice hot (nettle) tea can do wonders for holding off eating. As can eating a small snack, like some fruit or raw veg, followed by said water/tea. Especially the tea, seems to trick my body into thinking it’s had a bigger snack :wink:

Scales really suck - sometimes my scales play silly buggers and weigh me all over the place, have learned to not be too disheartened when they weigh me heavier than I hope to be - usually it’s either a lag (or a bit of a back up in the pipes…) or the scales are having an off day. Even drinking a pint of water can make a huge difference in the weigh in, so I’m trying to just look at the big picture - the scales are going down, week by week, so minor fluctuations are nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Satisfied does not equal ‘full’ and empty might not equal ‘hungry’ - learning to read my bodies signals and not overeat because food is delicious or kids are stressful etc is an uphill struggle, but it’s also really interesting.

There’s probably lots more, but I want to go to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh, one final thing… this month, for the first time in aaaages, I did not get my ‘hormonal spots’ when I got my monthly visit from Game of Thrones (you know, the Red Wedding… or basically any episode really…). I have pretty clear skin, but I always gets 2-3 sore spots at that time of the month, this month, nada! Now I can’t say if it’s the Huel or the increased intake of raw fruit and veg, but either way, I’m liking it!

Let me know how you’re all doing! xxx


Lol hahahahahahaha “game of thrones” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: this made me laugh. I love it!!!

Yea I’m exactly the same with scales. Some days I wonder why I bother. Iv hardly had loss in the last 3 weeks. But yes, it could be going for hill walks / gym. I wish I had taken measurements but I thought my clothing would tell me and it has hit not as much as what I was hoping.

So far so good with Elixir. It tastes amazing, it doesn’t have as many calories so I always add banana, peanut butter etc. I’m happy tho to keep up with huel once a day to. The alkalizing greens takes yum as well. Very happy so far but the cost will be the deciding factor.

I had a 600g loss (not sure what that is in ounces or whatever) which is the most Iv had in ages and that was after being on Elixer for 4 days but then I had butter chicken and a cheese naan bread and but on 400g 2 days later :joy::joy::weary::weary: But as I mentioned I NEED to be able to have those treats.

The weird thing is iv been under my 1400 calories a day sometimes by 200 calories but still not seeing results. I’m sure it will come in time tho.

Heading to Fiji in 2 weeks so I’m going to stick to being good till then. No more treats :flushed::flushed::flushed:


How’s it going??

I’ve had guests for 4 days and went off Huel, except for some breakfasts. Had pancakes the other breakfast :expressionless: Also chinese take out, pizza, chocolate, cream tea…

Scales also took the opportunity to run out of batteries… so I’ve put new ones in, will have to see what damage has been done to my progress in the morning (I weigh first thing in the morning for a more consistent (and optimistic) view :smiley: )! On the morning my guests arrived I weighed in at 12 stone 3.8 (77.9 kg) which is a stone down on my start weight of 13 stone 4 (84.4kg), which was a real achievement - pretty sure I’ll have to ‘achieve’ it again :stuck_out_tongue:

But like you say, it really helps the mental health to have an occasional blow out and not feel like you’re missing out on all the good things! Back on track now though…


Gosh you’ve done so so well to loose what you have in a short time. It’s taken me about 2-3 months (with having the odd bad days) to loose what you have.

Good on you for taking some time out while you had visitors, I really do believe we all need to do that occasionally. It’s just life and if we no how to get back on track easily then it should’nt be a problem.

I love how the scales ran out of battery, even they where saying have a few days off :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::flushed:

I have lost another 300g since chatting last and I’m just on Elixir at the mo but going to have Huel for lunch again after I get back from Fiji and see how I go.

Hope your having a good weekend. Xx


Have just read back and Iv actually lost 1kg since I last wrote not 300g, So elixier definitely working. I though I had mentioned I’d lost 500g but I hadn’t :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Another kg, yay! That’s great going - things always slow down after a while :confused:

I had some left over clotted cream in the fridge from my visitors so decided I should definitely make another batch of scones so said cream can get used up… may have eaten 1 to make sure they were good and the cream is still ok…

Took the dog for an hour walk carrying my 15 month old baby in a carrier, hopefully that worked off some scone!

The scales this morning could not decide if I was 12 4.4 or 12 5.8 (stupid scales), assuming the higher one :joy: So current goal is to get back to 12 stone 3.8 and then the next goal will be to get under 12 :open_mouth: It’s been about 4 years or so since there was an ‘11’ at the beginning of my weight!



Also, my recent guests left behind a carton of Alpro coconut (milk) so I decided to make my breakfast Huel with it. It’s 20 cal per 100ml and I used 400ml with 1 scoop V and 1 scoop UU. It was pretty sweet, but very coconutty and rather nice!


Well, fancy that! I’ve been Huelling for 30 days! I guess it’s a good time for a recap…

Start weight on 11 July 2017: 13 stone 2 (83.5kg) - having been 13 stone 4 (84.4kg) the week before.

Current weight: 12 stone 2 (77.1kg)

So that’s a loss of 14 pounds (or 1 stone) OR 6.4kg in 30 days, hurray!

I need to get to 11 stone 2 (70.8kg) to be back within the ‘healthy’ range of BMI and I’d like to lose a bit more after that really - I was 9 stone 11 on my wedding day 10 years ago - that’d be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

But I like to set myself mini-goals, to keep me motivated. The current mini-goal is to get under 12 stone. I’ll be stoked to see a weight with an 11 on the front!

I got all excited and got my eldest to take a couple of ‘progress shots’, sadly I was not a skinny 18 year old in them (like my head thinks I am…), so it was a bit of a let down… :rofl: I was like, ah dammit, I’m still fat! But then I compared them to the ‘crunch time’ picture taken on a family day out for my son’s birthday at the end of June (the picture that made me go, oh fuck, I really am a fat person, when did that happen :flushed: ) and there was a definite difference!

Also, I’ve had to drop a jeans size. I’ve found these wide leg jeans which fit my fat arse/thighs well. They allow me to basically go down a size, because my hips/thighs are so much bigger than my waist, I normally have to accept a gaping waist or constricted thighs! So anyway, I’ve gone from a 14 in these particular jeans to a 12, so something must be happening…

So, what am I doing? Well, I’m (mostly) tracking my calories with the free Livestrong app, and aiming for 1500 a day, this seems to give me a gradual loss of around 0.5lb a day on average (the average thing is important :wink: )

General diet is 2 scoops of vanilla/UU 50:50 with 400ml of water for breakfast and lunch, with raw fruit and veg and nettle tea for snacks, or a small salad, or other small 100 cal snacks if necessary, then a normal meal for dinner (anything from 500 cal to 800 cal), then I try not to eat anything else in the evening except a mug of nettle tea and 20g of 85% Green & Blacks dark chocolate (eaten very slowly :laughing: ).

I’ve definitely had cheat days or cheat moments and managed to have chinese take out (scaled back a bit), pizza express pizza and treat food with guests during the past month, just had to balance the treats with many more healthy days. I still don’t think I’m fixed though, I reckon I could easily embrace my old habits of over-eating, grazing etc in a snip, though I think my stomach is accepting smaller portions, which may have helped the treats with guests not get out of hand, since I might have over-eaten, but I over-ate for my new smaller tummy :stuck_out_tongue:

My Huel journey is definitely continuing, hopefully for the long term. I feel like it’s a way I can actually achieve my weight loss desires. It takes a lot of the guess work away. And even when I reach that far off target I think I’ll keep Huel around so that if I see the scales start to creep I can pop back on Huel for a week or two to get back on track. Also great handy thing to make when there’s nothing healthy to hand, perhaps it’ll stop me hangrily stuffing crap in my mouth in times to come :wink:

How’s everyone else doing? @Hayz-NZ, @Sarah_Susannah_Berni, @Emma, @lilbo? Can you guys do me a favour and tag me (like this) in your update posts, I find I don’t get notifications unless it’s a direct reply or a tag and it helps to have others on the journey too! xx


Well done on the weight loss, that’s great going!

Ps. I’m looking forward to exactly the same goal as you, I am about 12 stone and 2 pounds at the moment and I can’t wait to see an 11 on the scale either…! :slight_smile:


Yay! Let me know when you do :smiley:


Gah! I have fallen out with my scales big time. This morning they weighed me in a 12 stone 1.8, which would be great. Except this evening (dressed and after evening meal) they are weighing all over the place (literally!) from 12 stone 12 to 12 stone 3 within seconds of each other. This is not the first time they’ve gone through a meltdown :\ I’d really love to invest in some accurate scales - I know the numbers aren’t everything, but it does help to keep track… How do you find your scales and what are you using? :slight_smile:


How’s it going…


Hi @TheJackal!

It’s going… slowly! Weigh in this morning was 12 stone on the nose, still no 11 stone something for me!!

Got new scales, they link up to a phone app, so I’m yet to set them up… I might cry if they tell me I’m heavier :sob::joy:

Got guests staying for the next few days, so I see weight gain in my immediate future :flushed:

How’s everyone else going? @Sarah_Susannah_Berni, @Hayz-NZ, @Emma, @lilbo