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Although my hand drawn helvitica is pretty accurate, it would be nice to have a least one end with flavour marked.


Hello Jay

Huel’s pouches are a difficult one – they are a type of packaging know as multi-layer. As its name suggests this means that the film is a variety of materials – foils, barriers, polymers and laminates - bonded together. All of these components serve different purposes to ensure the food product stays fresh, has a long shelf life and complies with food hygiene standards.

Unfortunately multi-layer packs are also notoriously difficult to recycle. They can be recycled using a process called chemcycling which literally boils the packs in chemicals until it separates into its individual recyclable component elements. It’s a fairly new process and while capable plants are springing up in mainland Europe it’s still almost non-existent in the UK.

The current bags are optimised in such a way that it offsets some of this by using generic labelled packs. Doing this reduces the use of toxic solvent inks to print on the flexible pack materials and also makes the pouch production leaner and more efficient.

It is feasible to add another simple label I guess, but you will have also noticed the pack deforms quite a bit in transit so not even sure how long that would stay fast. I know that the guys at Huel are working with some of the big players in packaging to bring on new advances sooner rather than later but the underlying problems remain that until a material is in mass production that can either be mechanically recycled or disposed of safely at home without compromising the barriers needed, then we have to hope that the recycling industry catches up with the packaging producers faster.


you could just improvise and use some coloured clothes pegs on the bags :smiley:


Ooooooo rainbow pegs!
I need rainbow pegs :joy::joy::joy:
Or maybe just rainbow stickers :rainbow:

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They could just stamp it in the same way they stamp the batch code and date.

Personally I’m happy to add my own reusable labels or just write on the bags with a sharpie!

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I’ll be searching for storage containers to get rid of bags. Til then sharpie art!

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Any plans to sell containers to store in? Would be a difficult one, the tshirts are so lush I’d expect great things from a Huel branded one. Then you’ll need the long handled scoop, in 1, 2, & 3 serving sizes. A full accessory line please!

There’s a thread here discussing that very thing - keep in mind to protect the product the container needs to be both airtight and opaque - blocking out any light.

Storage Containers