Parasitic Cleanse

So I’ve been reading this ebook by Markus who explains how important it is for optimum digestive health to do Parasite Cleanses.

He recommends a clean diet such as Huel for a few weeks, before doing a month long juice fast (green leafy stuff, celery, cucumber, ginger, garlic etc) + colonics. Then to throw in the anti-parasite herbs and finally do enemas and further colonics to flush them out.

Has anyone with any experience of doing cleanses got anything to add to this?


Well, I would not go as far as the claims in that book, but I can certainly say the following:

Going on a pure 100% Huel diet (and/or eating a whole-food plant-based diet low in sugar, high in fiber, and high in things known to inhibit bacterial/viral/parasitic growth), abstaining from alcohol, maybe eating some extra probiotics and prebiotics, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight, getting sufficient good-quality sleep and lowering stress levels would all certainly create an inhospitable place for parasites.

Perhaps even switching over to a vegan ketogenic diet for 3 months and then back to Huel would shock the parasites even more.

Or, you know… go see a doctor?


What a load of cack.


I still laugh when people tell me they’re ‘detoxing’ or ‘cleansing’. As above. A load of cack.


I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in General Practice. There is no need to ‘detox’. Your liver and kidneys do the job for you, otherwise you would die. Same for alkaline diets. If you get even slightly out of wack with your Ph, you die. If you’ve got parasites you need medication. Thread Worm is pretty common in young children and easily treated. You need bacteria in your gut to aid digestion and protect you from infection. If having a colonic floats your boat then what the heck (just so long as it doesn’t perforate your bowel as you could die). A lot simpler (and cheaper) is to eat well, sleep well, exercise and deal with stress. Caveat - you will still die of something though.


I won’t post my thoughts on juice diets as it would be unprofessional!


It really upsets me to see garbage like this being bandied about.

Some people take a live-and-let-live attitude. “If they’re happy with it, why spoil it for them?” But I totally disagree. These are lies, and they are lies that kill. They kill by:

  • turning people away from medical treatments that work
  • just killing you

Just ask Steve Jobs (yes, that Steve Jobs). Except you can’t because he’s dead. His cancer was highly treatable, but he decided to go for alternative therapy instead until it was too late.

Or ask Dawn Page. Oh, sorry, she’s dead too. Some self-certified “nutritionist” put her on a crazy detox diet (huge amounts of water, no salt) that killed her.

I could easily list 10 more.

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Was his goal to include as much pseudo-science and disproved “medical” practices as possible in his recommendations? 90% of these unqualified, self-titled “health gurus” and “alternative healers” need locking up.

Ok so the ebook Healing Yourself 101 probably has quite some controversial recommendations, however as stated below that a diet rich in fibre, low or zero in sugars and artificial sweeteners, processed foods, alcohol, wheat and pork is most effective at eliminating parasites. Dr Axe also recommends pumpkin seeds and regular colonics.

Is this also psuedo-science and disproven recommendations?

I’ve no idea mate, I’m no expert. When you see recommendations for juice diets and enemas though, warning bells go off for me.

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Yeah it definitely warrants caution.

What parasites do you think you have? You should not have any. If you do you need a proper diagnosis after a stool sample and the correct drugs. Pumpkin seeds won’t cut it. Colonics are, at best, a waste of time and money. Worse case scenario they can perforate your bowel and kill you with sepsis. STOP SPENDING TIME AND MONEY ON MUMBO JUMBO. See a real doctor who practices real evidenced based medicine if you are worried. We are not all running around with parasites in our GI systems! Good grief!

We’ll understand this! I’ve been taking diatomaceous earth and psyllium husk powder for 3 days now. This morning I evacuated a large puddle of stool not dissimilar to that of mucoid plaque. It definitely had rope worms in and others. I won’t go into too much detail but I videoed it so I have evidence for all you non believers. Coupled with this I’m experiencing strong brain fogginess which is symptomatic of the toxins released from dieoff.

I recommend opening your eyes a little wider when watching Dr Axe videos, the quackery will soon become apparent.

Mucoid plague and rope worm are both new to me. Any idea how you caught the parasites and what symptoms lead you down this path? On reading up what is interesting is that rope worm was first ‘discovered’ in 2013 and 6 days after reading an ebook you find you have some. I think if I discovered I had multiple parasites I would be straight down the doctors. So please update us when a qualified medical professional has looked into this.

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Rope Worms: C’est la Merde. You are a little bit gullible and a lot misinformed. What you have done is take 3 days of laxative which has irritated the lining of your bowel. In response your bowel has responded by producing mucus resulting in a bit of a slimy poo. When scientists tested so called Rope Worm it was found to only contained human DNA. Not a parasite. You Sir have snotty bowel movements. I too have brain fogginess which I attribute to patients presenting repeatedly with ‘stuff what they read on the internet’.


As a quick experiment, add some of the psyllium husk powder you’ve been taking to a small amount of water, stir it in and come back in about 30-60 minutes. It will likely be the same consistency, in terms of sliminess, as the stool. Soluble fibres like psyllium husk absorb water and form a sort of gel - I’d imagine this is responsible.

You’ve been had. You’ve been tricked into buying a bunch of useless supplements and believing that you have all these parasites. It’s all quackery, and I hope you come to this realisation before you waste any more of your money.

Backing up a claim (that you’ve detoxified yourself of parasites) with information that comes from the same source as that claim (wherever you read that fatigue is a symptom of ‘dieoff’) is simply not backing up a claim at all. You’re using a symptom written by the quacks to support a claim written by the quacks. It’s all nonsense, best you come to understand that as soon as possible.


Search on youtube: “Tim Minchin’s Storm the Animated Movie”