Partial Order Number #1304881

On March 21 2020 I made an order (#1304881) for 3 Vanilla Huel powder and an extra scoop. On 25 March 2020 DPD delivered a small parcel containing 2 scoops, there was no Huel powder. Someone from Customer Services called me back regarding this matter on Thursday evening about 5:15pm. They needed to check my order number, however, I could not provide this at the time because I was out with my dog. I said I would ring them back when I got home, unfortunately I could not get through. If someone from CS is reading this the order number in question is #1304881. There is also an email with and a message on the online query form 346950. My email address is

Thanks for getting in touch about this, I do apologise about this it is extremely odd!

I can see my colleague has responded to your email, so we will make sure to look into this for you as soon as possible and ensure all missing items are sent out for you.

Again I’m terribly sorry, if there is anything else we can do for you at all, please do let us know.

I have not received this order (#1304881) yet. If the goods have not yet been despatched, please don’t bother sending them. Just refund my payment of (GBP) 64.50. Thank You.