PDCAAS - Protein Digestibility


I’m thinking that I can supplement this with egg white powder or casein.

Is there any reason why this would not be a good idea?

Cheers, Gary

So to know the answer… why do you need more protein? I think Huel has a lot.

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Hi Gary,

Huel already has 3 times the EU recommended amount of protein. While I don’t think will die if you add some extra protein, I don’t think you need to.

Hi @Marcus

Im not considering the EU recommended figures, I go by my personal macro targets at the time.

What the question was aimed at was that as the protein sources are rice and peas - while a combination of the two can be considered for a complete amino profile (I understand so anyway) , casein and egg whites would have a higher availability so I just wanted to get some advice from that perspective

I think there may have been another thread regarding the amino loadout on the forum

I’ve just read that back, and maybe it could sound a tad aggressive which wasn’t what I was aiming for

I have different carb targets depending on workouts, however my protein aims are fairly consistant

So instead as just using Huel as it comes, I would be using it as a (fantastic) base and then just adding a few things to tweak the macros where I need to

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@Gary_Dufley No worries. It’s so easy to just type out what’s in our head and post it.

I’m just curious, are you aiming to build up muscle? If so, do you find that very high protein makes a big difference?

Hi @Marcus

I am not looking to pack on large amounts of mass, more of a re composition really

due to injury my goals have change somewhat over the years, (and so has my discipline) my aim at the moment it just to lower my carb intake slightly but to keep lean muscle, hence a fairly high protein requirement. Also quality proteins has quite an effect on fat loss (at least in my case)

so say for example, I would be looking at my carbs around 150-160 ish, and protein around 190 (fat around 55) - I haven’t worked out exactly. So I would be looking at taking 2 (of the 3 huel daily servings) and topping up the protein (and fat if necessary)

however on workout days, my carbs would be higher than what the recommended huel quota would be - so in that case I would add more micronized oats (and still keep the convenience/benefits of a powder meal)

I’ve found in the past that protein makes a big difference in recovery for me

However my macros have been given to me by my trainer, more protein than your body requires just equates down to expensive carbs for whatever isnt used/processed

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Hi @Gary_Dufley,

Thanks for the information. I’m certainly no expert in that area. Although I’ve long been interested in health and nutrition in general, the whole workout/gym and body composition thing is not something I know a lot about.

It’s great that you have the guidance of a trainer though. I can imagine that in a situation like that it always helps to have a really knowledgeable person guiding you. I’m sure there must be plenty of people in the gym without trainers who make daft mistakes or push themselves in the wrong way.

All the best,

As with all protein scoring methods, the PDCAAS has its flaws. Don’t get too hung up on these things. You’ll be getting the full amino acid profile from Huel and there’s enough protein here to grow lean muscle; provided, of course, that you’re consuming sufficient Huel for the calories you require.

Vegan’s can grow muscle. Indeed, there’s big news in the bodybuilding press about Mr Universe Barny DuPlessis going vegan and he’s now prepping for his next show: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Barny-Du-Plessis/1650795535140898?fref=ts

If you feel you want to add more protein, then milk, egg or whey protein are all good choices. If you don’t feel the macros in Huel are for you, then by all means tweak them. Let me know if you need any help.

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Thanks for the feedback @JamesCollier

@Julian, is the amino profile available to put on the site yet?


@JamesCollier was working on the amino acid profile.

The amino acid profile of Huel is now live… The amino acid profile is now live…http://huel.com/pages/nutritional-information-and-ingredients#amino


Hi James, I respect your knowledge and advice, but please do not tell people to believe what a steroid taking bodybuilder is apparently consuming. You know that a vegan diet or a animal protein eating person does not achieve such a physique as a profesional bodybuilder…GH gut

Keep up the good work but please select the role model better in future.


Hi David

I have no doubt Barny is eating a vegan diet as he’s pretty hot on promoting animal welfare. Good nutrition is imperative to achive a good physique. I was merely pointing to an example to illustrate a point.

Hi there, first post here from France for me, i was wondering if you ever tested the digestibility of the proteins contained in Huel ?

It’s quite well documented that vegetal proteins are less digestible than animal proteins, therefore leading to less proteins actually going in the blood stream via the intestine.

The amino acid profile looks good. Maybe the fact that Huel is already in powder helps with the absorption ? Do you have any further studies about that ?