Peanut Butter bar option missing

When pressing the yellow-highlighted button on:

The following is displayed:

The Peanut Butter flavored bar is missing from those options. This is the only place where customers may purchase a single bar at a time to try them out, so having all the flavor options there would be useful.

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Hi there,

Can @Tim_Huel or @Dan_Huel or somebody in support please tell when will the Huel site will have the option, as an add-on, for a single Peanut Butter bar, as asked by @rikefrejut ?

I contacted Huel’s support roughly a week ago about this. Here was their response:

As the bars have only just released, we have not added them to the pop-up list just yet.

Once they have been selling for a couple of weeks, we shall add them to the list.

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Hi @Terrobility. Thanks for your answer.

So for now, on the peanut bar, they prioritize customers purchasing a full box.

We’ll be adding an individual Peanut Butter Bar as an option there in time. Probably by the end of the month or early in May!

However the Peanut Butter Bar is so good. Is jostling for 1st place for me, along with Salted Caramel!


Update: After checking the store, it seems the Peanut Butter Bars are now available on the list. I’ll pick one up with my next order for sure!

Problem solved :slight_smile:

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