Percentage of total that is oats, and percentage tha is pea protein

I’m having difficulty finding the answer to this simple question. What proportion by weight is oats and what proportion by weight is pea protein?

Are you asking to find out our top super secret Huel formula?! Outrageous. Afraid I can’t tell you the exact percentages. What’s the reason for asking?

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Just want to know the % of oats really, not the entire contents which
you give anyway!

Maybe you could reverse engineer it from the amino acid profile?

From carb listings, I would estimate about 45-60% oats
Very rough guess based on oats having about 66g carbs per 100g serving, vanilla huel has 37.5g but can’t tell if that is all from oats without looking up every ingredient

@JamesCollier get in here, people are trying to reverse engineer the Huel formula! abort abort abort


Hi guys - we can’t give too much away about our secret recipe. @Klaire672 is in the right ball-park with the amounts of oats.


It’s probably quite easy to reverse engineer it, but sourcing the ingredients in a cost effective manner and then storing them would be the tricky part, and getting the sweetness and viscosity correct too.