Huel Black vs overnight oats with added pea protein

@Dan_Huel I’m trying to find an easy, nutritious breakfast. Huel is great but somewhat expensive. How much better (if at all) is Huel Black nutritionally than drinking rolled oats with oat/soya milk, some added honey or sucralose and Bulk pea protein powder?


You’re lacking: healthy fats, all the vitamins and minerals not contained in the oats, protein and milk.

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This won’t be exactly accurate but I put this into chronometer for you so you can see the difference.

I made up a meal of oats, bulk pea protein, oat milk, and a teaspoon of honey. I input one scoop of the pea protein and then made everything else add up to 400 calories so it’s easier to compare with a huel meal. Here’s the results:

And then here’s the results from 2 scoops of huel black (mixed with water so the calories would be equal)

Lots of information so here’s just the key nutrients:

Pea protein + oats:

Huel Black:

Hope that’s helpful!


Thanks so much for this in-depth breakdown! So the main differences are the levels of minerals and the (healthy) fat:protein:carb ratio?

The TLDR I wrote: yes, the ratio of macro-nutrients would be completely different, and micro-nutrients would be completely missing.
There are if you want to, recipe to emulate Huel (and competitors) online, but they require a bit more work compared to your rudimental solution.

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What if you added some olive oil (or similar) and also a multivitamin/mineral tablet?

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I would recommend coconut oil (which would give a bit more texture, not grease too much the result, and add a bit of sweetness). Others are adding seeds oils, or blending seeds (flax seeds, chia seeds, etc…).
Also adding some nuts would make the ratio better

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Hey Peter, @Herbivore’s nutritional breakdown should go a long way to helping you out.

If you’re looking to put on muscle, pea protein may not be the best source of protein because it’s lacking adequate amounts of some essential amino acids, unlike Huel.

You’re also going to have to warm the rolled oats mixture or leave it for a few hours, you can’t drink it straight away.

There are people who make their own complete meals which you could find on Reddit. Basically you get what you pay for with Huel.