Perfect Porridge

I’d love to share a simple porridge recipe I’ve stumbled across. Tastes absolutely divine, on a par with Ready Brek!

In a bowl, add 0.5 scoops of u/u Huel, and 1.4 scoops of vanilla. Mix the two together.

Gently heat 170ml (up to 200ml depending if you like it really milky, but 170ml gives me a perfect consistency) unsweetened almond milk. You want it steaming but not boiling.

Slowly add the milk to the Huel powder, stirring thoroughly, combining all of the powder. You want it really thick to start off with, then continue adding the milk until you have reached your desired consistency.

Tastes flawless to me - and almond milk is pretty light on the calories. I absolutely love it! If anyone adds anything else, uses water instead of almond milk, or has a different method, I’d love to hear it!


I used to love Ready Brek as a kid.

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Me too :yum: Us Borgs love to assimilate Ready Brek :grin:

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