Pre-flavoured Huel


I’ve assumed that as Huel becomes more successful and grows, the owners would use the benefits that go with economies of scale and both broaden their product base and improve the base ingredients that make up the food.

At least that’s my hope.

If they were to go in the opposite direction ie reduce quality for whatever reason then that would make me look elsewhere.

I’m not sure how id be able to tell though…


I neeeeeed this.

I mean, I don’t need it, but I really want it, just because of sheer laziness!


Just seen the coffee flavoured Huel being advertised…

Any plans for a chocolate flavour that can be revealed yet? :smiley:


A coffee huel with caffeine would be nice for breakfast


Sounds like you should pop an order in!


Omg I didnt even notice! How much caffeine is in it? I cant find nutritional info on it


100g = 1 typical cup of coffee.

I just saw it on their Instagram. Praying for chocolate soon :pray:


This is glorious! Has anyone tried it yet?!


I’m sure there are plans for more flavours, I can’t reveal what we have in store for upcoming products but we’re certainly excited to bring you a coffee preblend!


Ahh that’ll do me, awesome. Thanks!