Pre-flavoured Huel

Was there ever any decision made as to whether to offer pre-flavoured Huel?

I’ve had chocolate Huel for a couple of years now, either flavoured with Huel pouches or chocolate whey. It’d be much easier to just buy a bag of generously flavoured chocolate Huel and be done with it.

I understand it’d be a pain to do this for every flavour, but perhaps the most popular pouches could be offered?

Interested in why it isn’t already a thing, as a lot of competitors offer pre flavoured. It gets a bit tedious buying a new flavour pouch every few weeks for a fat £7.50 a punt.


I use cocco powder, cheap and available everywhere.

I might start doing the same, just harder to track in terms of calories.

Does coco powder mix well? I’ve tried mixing it into cold milk before and it never really diffuses like it does in hot milk.

Try Alpro Chocolate Almond milk as your liquid. I go 50/50 tap water & Chocolate milk with 50/50 Vanilla & U/U. Does the trick nicely & easy to track on the cals (MFP).

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It’s a similar solution to using the flavour pouches, I just wondered if there would be actual chocolate powder at any point.

It mixes fine in the shaker or blender.

@JamesCollier @Tim_Huel Is there any intention to change this? Is it in the pipeline at all? :slight_smile:

There might be … :wink:




I add a teaspoon of raw organic cocao powder to my Huel, it mixes in well. My usual Huel blend is 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop unflavoured, 300ml water, 100ml Alpro coconut. With the cocao it reminds me of chocolate milkshake with a bit of a cookie dough vibe :wink:

That’s a coincidence, just after typing this I grabbed some cacao powder from Amazon. Think it was £6 for 500g which isn’t too bad. Until we get actual bags of chocolate Huel, I think this will be the best way :slight_smile:

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This is the one I’m using, I’m really happy with the taste, etc.

I’m not sure I’d buy a chocolate flavoured Huel tbh, I’m a bit fussy about the ‘chocolate’ flavour itself, so if it was just an added flavour I don’t think it would taste that good (perhaps too sweet and artificial). Unless Huel were actually adding organic cacao powder, then it would be a different story :smiley:

Hahaha, that’s exactly the one I ordered! It’s pretty good, but the Huel isn’t sweet enough for me with it in :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you mixing with vanilla Huel? I personally find vanilla Huel too sweet on its own and do half and half with unflavoured. That said, I can only use a level teaspoon of cacao per serving of Huel else the chocolate flavour gets a bit bitter. Perhaps try using a bit less? I also use 1/4 Alpro coconut to 3/4 water as my fluid. I find this adds a nice creamy/sweetness to the Huel - keep experimenting until you find your blend :smiley:

I’ve gone from using Huel Chocolate flavour system to this cacao, but the cacao is no where near as sweet. I’m using new 2.3 vanilla, 5 scoops with one and a half teaspoons of cacao.

Like you say, just need to experiment. :slight_smile:

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I think I’m still using vanilla 2.2, it’s whatever is in the cupboard from the last couple of deliveries because I have a bit of a backlog after Christmas :joy:

Sounds like you are aiming to gain weight, opposite of me! 1.5 teaspoon to 5 vanilla sounds sweet enough though to me, perhaps it’ll just take a little while to get used to it :slight_smile:

Yes, perhaps I’ll be intrigued to see. I’ll try and get the balance right in the morning.

Surprisingly no, I’m cutting right now but have a fairly high TDEE, so for me 2300 calories will lose me around 0.75KG bodyweight per week.

When I’m gaining weight I usually go for 500ml whole milk, 5 scoops and a tablespoon of almond butter per Huel :stuck_out_tongue:

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My TDEE is a paltry 1867, with a BMR of around 1350, losing further weight has gotten to be a challenge!


My immediate thought here is that I hope the price for Huel never goes up (only the consumer-base), and having to mix the separate flavours and then store and sell way more individual products seems inefficient. If there are consequences on the price, then they hit all variants at once (because they each require seperate overproduction). If there is sufficient data on what flavours are sold in what capacities consistently, and storage requirements wouldn’t change, then great.

Until they decide to sell them flavoured, I can only recommend what many members in similar threads have reported of doing: Keep your Huel in a large enough container that you can mix up several bags in it in bulk; then it should be no issue to prepare flavoured stock of Huel every once in a while.