Pre-mixed flavours other than vanilla?

I’ve been using unflavoured Huel for over a year now and have recently been using the wide range of flavourings to go with it. The flavourings are great but the only downside to them is the inconvenience.

Because I take Huel with me to work, I now also have to take a flavour pouch with we. Making up Huel is now that little bit more time consuming and complicated. It may seem minor but when you make up 4 of these shakes, every day, it makes a big difference. It would simplify my life that little bit extra if I could buy a pre-mixed flavoured Huel (other than vanilla).

I have now decided to now go 100% vanilla Huel due to the convenience and simplicity. However, I’m sure I’d enjoy the other popular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, banana, etc. from time to time. Is a pre-mixed version of these flavours in the pipeline at all?

To me, the advantage of having the flavour packs separate from the Huel is that I can vary the strength of flavour I want and can have variety without having several bags of Huel open. The flavour packs don’t take up anywhere near the room half a dozen open bags of Huel would. It’s cheaper for the company as well as they only have to keep the basic varieties of Huel in stock: you’re asking them to keep much more Huel in stock at a time, which would end up costing them, and, in turn, us. Why not just clean out a few small jars to keep different flavours at work.

BTW, does anyone know the size of jar I’d need to keep the contents of an entire flavour pack in (ie the minimum volume to keep an entire flavour pack)


I’m by no means asking them be replaced by pre-mixed versions. I agree, the flavour packs are useful in the sense that they give you freedom. You’re able to mix and match different flavours, use a desired amount of flavouring, and generally experiment. However, with this freedom comes the tradeoff of convenience.

To keep it economical for the company they could only release pre-mixed versions of the most popular flavour packs. The flavour pack stage could almost become the experimental phase to see how well the flavour does before it goes any further.

Ideally, I’d love for an actual drink product to be released (just like Soylent have done). That would be the ultimate convenience for me and I’d be willing to pay much more for it. A pre-mixed flavoured Huel selection would be the next best thing.

A 400ml container will comfortably take an entire flavour pouch. I have emptied mine into ones I bought from Asda for £1 each and they have a screw lid.

Thank you! I find the ziplocks on the pouches aren’t as airtight as I’d like and my kitchen has a damp problem (unworried landlord)…

Pre mixed flavours are an option, I don’t expect they would totally replace the flavour system pouches, but like you suggest would be available in the most popular flavours. There is no timeline for this at the moment but it could well be an option in the future.

Has anyone tried to Mix a Full bag of Huel… with a full bag of sweetener?

It would be the ultimate time saving option for me. Buy 5-6 packs of huel and pre-flavour them and forget about the whole thing until each of them run out.

Not exactly, I have premixed a remaining ~1000g-bag of Vanilla with pure fruit powders (the ones that are sold for smoothies etc.). Stirred it with a whisk. These powders are very intense in colour, so I could easily see that it was well-mixed this way. About 280g on 1000g of huel. (Less would have sufficed, I just wanted to use it up.)

There is much room even in a full bag, so my guess is, it should work with it, too.

How does it taste?

Sweet, fruity, with an earthy base note of red beet and a head note of ginger. Covers the artificialness of the sweetener in the Vanilla huel quite a bit. That was my purpose, so I could use up the 1 Vanilla-bag and turn to a life of UU, never to look back. :blush:

Have you seen belayatron’s thread? Results: 1 year on Huel
He talks about premixing his bags.

Awesome. Thank you! :slight_smile: