Pre workout


I was wondering if it would be a smart idea of me to drink a Shake of Huel black pre-workout.
Is 30 min before the workout a good idea?

I always wake up at 08.00 and drink a half litre of water then i go directly to the gym and start my workout at 08.30.
After the gym around 9.30-10.00 i drink a Huel Black shake, i take a shower and after that i eat my lunch at around 11.00-11.30.
Around 13.00 i eat an energy bar and i start walking towards work. As soon as i arrive to work i eat lunch at 13.30 and after that a double espresso then im done eating for the rest of the day.
So basically im on a fast from 14.00 throughout the rest of the day. (Intermittent fasting)

In the beginning it was cool. But now i feel how my body is having a hard time to digest 2000 calories in 4 hrs. So im thinking about spreading it out a little bit.
I.e drinking my shake before my workout and eating my protein bar at 15.00 instead.

I wouldn’t like to drink my shake at work because then i have to carry it with me to work.

What would be the best solution for me.

Thank you guys and have a nice weekend.

Hey Moe - Welcome to the Huel forum!! :grin:

If you are not used to eating before working out, I would first try one scoop and see how that goes, then have the other scoop afterward, if that is possible. If all goes well, then next time try two scoops! It may be a bit of trial and error to see what the best combination is for you.

I personally don’t have any issues consuming food 30 minutes before working out, but everyone can be different in this regard so you may need a bit more time to digest and/or may only tolerate a smaller amount of food in the 30 minutes prior.

If you move to two scoops 30 minutes prior and find you don’t tolerate it too well - then I’d suggest seeing if you could wake up an hour before working out, rather than 30 minutes. Though I know that can be challenging!

Lastly, we’ve got this awesome article on our site that you may find super helpful. It discusses this topic in a bunch more detail!