Product availability and orders on website

Hello, as said elsewhere I recently got an order delayed because one of the items (Original Granola) went out of stock. I don’t want to complain, I’m still waiting for the order but support people is very kind and everything was handled with care (and also thanks for the discount code).
Apart from the fact that it’s shouldn’t be possible to place and pay for an order if a product is out of stock, but I guess there’s a reason if that’s not happening on the Huel store, what surprised me is that even after receiving the email about Granola being out of stock, the product wasn’t marked as out of stock on the store.
I think it should be easier to know if a product is actually available or not, because placing an order and than have to wait days not knowing if the order will be dispatched or not is not really a great customer experience. Especially because if a week ago I did know that original Granola wasn’t in stock, I would have changed the order sooner, with less problems for me and for your support people too. :slight_smile:

Again, to the Huel staff, I’m not complaining, just trying to be helpful. As I wrote elsewhere, I already “love” Huel and it’s really worth waiting for. :slight_smile:

Just a quick not to update, after another problem (with a frosted shaker missing) I’ve finally got my Granola order dispatched today! Can’t wait to try. :star_struck:
Despite the “series of unfortunate events”, as Count Olaf would say, I’d like to praise Lucie and the customer support for managing the situation kindly and with care. :slight_smile: