Promotions from Lloyd’s Bank Everyday Offers

I was introduced to Huel by Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers a year ago during Lockdown.

The way that Everyday Offers works is that you

  • Activate the offer from the retailer
  • Buy the item using your debit or credit card
  • Make sure you meet conditions and before expiry date
  • Receive cashback the following month in your nominated Bank account

I was pleased to receive a fresh offer this year, and added to my regular subscription to receive the cashback, as the offer headline was to receive cashback on your NEXT order.

However, the small print said, your FIRST order, and I did not receive the cashback expected. This month, there is another promotion.

I am not impressed that the cashback is aimed at NEW customers but marketed to existing customers via Everyday Offers.

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I guess Lloyds bank doesn’t know who is a new or old customer and they are generic offers. It’s not that the small print is difficult to read. I’ve seen it previously.

Actually, having re-read it I can see it is a bit ambiguous, so yeah, I agree wid ya.

Thanks for raising and sorry this isn’t what you expected

OK that took me a moment to see what you mean, sorry. Essentially because the offer reads:

Earn 5% Cashback on your next purchase with Huel

But then the print below says:

Earn 5% Cashback on your first purchase

Gotitt, sorry for the confusion, I’ll pick up with someone in the team to amend.

The point I am making is that Huel sets the promotion and the wording. The offers are allocated based on your previous purchase history (of similar types of items), but the terms of the offer including all wording are set by the cashback partner which in this case is Huel.

You will notice that it is limited to a single purchase. It is also limited to a maximum amount. You cannot see from these offers, but it is a lower % cashback than the original offer to which I responded in 2020 (5% rather than 10%), which is how most vendors set % for ‘repeat’ cashback offers.

I have spoken to the Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers team, and have had those details confirmed by them; therefore, it is Huel who are misleading the customer and are appearing to offer cashback “for your next purchase” (which implies a previous purchase) but then denying it on the basis that it then clarifies it by stating your first purchase. This is a contradiction and unfair.

I would not have bought as much for my last order had I not hoped for the promised cashback. I am not sure, but I believe the compliance with the offer terms is confirmed by the vendor (Huel) and then the cashback is awarded by Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers.

Huel is receiving advertising and referrals via these so-called offers; it is receiving it on false pretences. It is a misrepresentation of facts.

Comparing your offer with those of other vendors:
The Protein Works have offered similar cashback offers through Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers: initially at 10%, then 5% for subsequent purchases. They have honoured it both occasions. I have actually purchased something very different to what you offer (jars of Peanut Butter & Ridiculous chocolate caramelicious vegan protein bar) both on special offer, and therefore good value for money, although I was initially drawn to the site because of the cashback.

Yep, I get it now. I agree with you. They have wrongly worded it and the offer is vague.

I understand, it is a typo and mistake, we’re not trying to deceive anyone. I’ve passed it on and I’m sure it will be amended.

It would be more fair if Huel were to authorise the payment of the cashback I thought I had earned in April when I bought my Huel (combination of my subscription plus extras) using my Lloyd’s Bank Card.

Would the conditions have been satisfied if I had cancelled my subscription and started a new order from scratch, including setting a new subscription?

That just seems crazy!


Would the conditions have been satisfied if I had cancelled my subscription and started a new order from scratch, including setting a new subscription?

I don’t think so as it would not be a first purchase from Huel, at least not with that account…