Protein isolate

Hi guys I take protein isolate before and after training due to its low sugar content where does Huel stand with this ?


We don’t really have a stance as such. Many people that use Huel also use protein supplements, they are different products and offer different benefits. If you feel that Huel doesn’t offer the protein you feel you need then supplementing with a high quality protein would be idea, you could even add your protein to your Huel to make a really nutritious, filling but higher protein meal. Huel already does contain a lot of protein (30g per 100g) and the protein isolates I have looked at aren’t that low in sugar, Huel is 0.9g/100g.

Pro JYM - 5.17g/per100g
Dymatize ISO100 - 3.13g/100g
MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate - 2.5g/100g.

So just be careful with sugar content. Otherwise carry on!


Thank you Tim.

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