Protein snack tubs don’t fit anywhere

They are the same height as the shaker, they live at end of my sink drainer, close to fridge, behind blender. Or in fridge for chilled water. Tubs too big to stay down there. Two cupboards have shelves that are too short. The drawers only have one deep one and tubs are too tall, besides, that’s where BE containers, scales n scoop live.
I’ve been needing a kitchen island, had a few saved. Now I’m looking at them and checking shelf heights first, then overall dimensions.

I now feel like I’m buying a piece of furniture for my huel.


Sorry to hear that Jennifer, they fit in my cupboards alright. Do you have one of those cupboards which you can change the arrangement, with the pegs in the sides holding the shelves up?

Sounds like you decant your black edition, could you do the same with Complete Protein?

This feels like the perfect excuse if I’m honest.

I can decant two flavours at a time, limited space in tiny kitchen/wall necessitates an island anyway, for sure. The shelves are now permanent in place unless risking damage popping out the thingys.

Seems needless to decant the complete protein when it’s in a nice tub already. It’s my silly small kitchen.

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LOL thought this was just me and my first world problems. Protein tubs about 5mm too tall to fit in the drawers I normally keep my Huel stuff. I’ve left it on the worktop for now.


I really don’t have Counter space. 6 inches one side( blender, shakers, water filter jug) and 15 ( between sink and stove) and another 8 ( right of stove, coffee stuff and utensils and kitchen roll)

Unless I put away plates on top of fridge, which, if I’m honest, I haven’t used in quite a while. My getting a island has changed in priority that’s for sure. Especially if I start cooking fresh food regularly again.

Same here. The size of the tubs is just very inconvenient.