Pumpkin Spice and Peanut Butter (not at the same time!)

Am I the only person who loves pumpkin spice flavour boost? I think it’s much nicer than the gingerbread one.
Absolutely delicious! But I’ve not heard many people raving about it on here.

I also love the new peanut butter boost. Everyone is complaining it tastes of nothing but I put a good heaped tsp into 50/50 unflavoured and original and it’s really pleasant.
It’s not a really strong flavour but I think that’s why I like it. If it was too strong it would be a bit clagging.
It’s a nice subtle savoury peanutty taste that is easy to drink and really pleasant.
It makes a great change from all the strong sweet flavours.
Anyone who was disappointed, why not try it again but use double the amount, and put it in UU and original not vanilla. (The vanilla wipes out the flavour). I reckon it would work in black vanilla however.

I like the pumpkin spice, too.

As for the peanut butter… I’ve never gotten anything from it. I’ve tried it twice with different amounts with no luck - even dipped my finger in raw and couldn’t taste anything beyond sweetness. I use powdered PB a lot in Huel (banana Huel+ PB+ salted caramel is heavenly :heart_eyes:) so maybe I’ve just been spoiled!

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I like using PB2 as well - although I tried some of the flavoured versions that were a waste of time - the original works best when its mixed in. Also makes a good low fat PB spread when its reconstituted with a little water.

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Yay other PB2 users!

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