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I got a question about Huel Black and Vitamins but let me explain the context first : i live most of my life sit on a desk and i work at night underground, that’s mean i do not see the sun and as i’m sun sensitive i prefer avoid it at must. So because of that i have huge lack of sun exposure, also i never eat fruits so i lack of vitamins D and C
I know Huel products contain vitamins D and C (and more, that’s good for me), so let’s see the topic like that :
Let’s imagine i eat Huel everyday, like Huel Bars in the morning, Hot & Savoury at noon and Huel Black at the evening (or black at noon and Hot & Savoury at night, doesn’t matter) will i have all the vitamins i need ? Even the D and C ? I want to take myself some Vitamins D and C in addition to Huel products, will that be too much vitamins ? Or is it okay ?

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there’s a really comprehensive guide here on the vitamins in Huel and in the summary section, theres also some expanded linked information.

Okay i didn’t see the Vitamins/Minerals section on Nutritional information of the product.

If i understand correctly, Huel products Black and Hot & Savoury have per serving 80% of the needed Vitamins D and 75% of the needed Vitamins C, so i could use some soft vitamins myself, right ?

One more question, when it say 80% or 75%… is it the amount needed for a meal or for the day ? If it’s for a day, i would have let’s say for Vitamins C, with a full Huel day as i say before : 183% (wich is not bad for me, far away from the maximum vitamins before toxicity, and around the % that gave actual vitamins pills)

there are two columns per serving and per 2000kcal. this is a percentage of the daily amount needed. they use 2000kcal as that is the point where Huel is considered nutritionally complete for all its components. RI, or reference intake, is the term that replaced the older daily amount guidelines. the difference is that RI’s are a single set of figures for an average adult whereas GDA’s were often specific to gender and age.

That’s correct and a serving is 400kcal. So if you’re having 1000kcal of Huel (2 Huel meals plus a bar) you’re going to be having more than the RDA. We see this as beneficial because of the potential health benefits of vitamin C (with no real downsides of consuming more) and as you’ve mentioned with vitamin D a lot of people struggle to get enough.

If you want to be really sure on the right amount of vitamin D for you, you could have your blood analysed to determine the right vitamin D intake for you.

Thank you both for the answer, i appreciate :slight_smile:

I think i will try like 1 month of Huel products without taking vitamins myself, get me tested and see if i need more or that’s okay.

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