Rarely eat lunch, intermittent meals


My pouch of Huel is waiting for me when I get home and I have a couple of questions!

My goal is to lose 30-40 + lb’s as I’m 5’ 10" and around 205 lb’s at the moment (have been for years). I walk my dog every day and usually get in around 5 miles of hill walking most days, so my fitness is probably average. I skip a lot of meals and rarely feel hungry, but when I do eat I tend to eat too much and usually the wrong thing (easy stuff like bread and crisps!) as I rarely have the time / inclination to prepare and cook food.

So on to the Q’s!

Do you think I will struggle just eating Huel twice a day, morning and evening? I don’t plan to do this straight away, probably try breakfast first for a few days then add dinner if all goes well. As above, I just don’t get hungry at lunchtime, never really have even as a child.

I do like a pint of Guinness some nights after walking the dog :slight_smile: , I know these are empty calories, can I just subtract from my daily calories when I do have one or would this affect the amount of nutrition I’m getting in a day?

Can’t wait to try this out, I’ve never really been that bothered by eating if that makes sense, part of the reason for not cooking regularly I’d guess. If I could take one pill a day that would keep me full and give me all the nutrition I need, I would :wink:

Thanks for any advice!

Who knows? (Seriously.) Some people do, some people don’t. The only definitive answer is when you try it yourself. Personally, it was not a struggle for me.

Yes, just subtract from our daily calories. It seems overly simple, but it is fact: losing weight is merely consuming less calories than you use in a day. YEs, it affects the amount of nutrition, but not in any major way. You will no doubt be consuming more vitamins and minerals on a Huel/Guinness diet than a bread/crisps/Guinness diet.

Thanks Ric, confirms my thoughts on it, glad to see someone has been ok with a couple meals a day.

I’ve just tried a scoop, put in less water to see what it’s like thick and I like the taste, which is probably half the battle!

This might improve my irregular food in take as well as it’ll be easy to store and eat as and when.