Re-ordering dilemma

It guess it’s a bit early for me to be asking this question, as I’m only one week into my Huel journey. But I’ve been delighted with the whole experience so far and am already pondering my second order.

My first order was for 28 meals, but since this is also quoted as being 14,000 calories I’ve concluded that these must be 500-calories meals containing three scoops each.

With variability in the number of scoops per meal AND the number of Huel meals per day, I think I’m going to find it quite difficult to settle on a recurring order pattern. I’m thinking I’ll just wait until my current supplies are running low, then make a new order.

Is it possible to “flex” an established recurring order, shifting the deliveries forward/backward according to need?

Yes. You can easily flex by skipping an upcoming delivery.

I have an order set up for 2 each of Vanilla and Uf/Us but I sometimes only go through 2 bags in a month. So I simply skip the next month when I get the reminder email (about 3 days before it delivers).

Skipping an upcoming order is incredibly easy through the Order Management page on the website.


Agreed. The site is very user friendly & permits you to easily shift the date of your next order & the interval until the subsequent order, at any time.

As above and you can change pretty much everything about the subscriptions including deleting them entirely and starting a new one with no penalty etc. It’s the most user friendly subscription service i’ve come across so far!

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Well, thank you all for the quick replies. It’s great news about the flexibility. I’ll just go ahead and set up the repeat orders then, seeing as it’s so easy!

I often manipulate my next shipment date to meet my requirements.

Just remember that the ‘order’ date on the subscription isn’t the ‘delivery’ date, it’s the day after

I often juggle my order date on my subscription and have my next box of Huel delivered when I’m literally down to my last few scoops. Life on the Huel edge :smile:

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