Ready-To-Drink.... loving it!

Hi all!

I tried the Huel powder a while back, but discontinued it - I was getting lowered libido from it (also blocking orgasms, which’ll never do for a young man!), as well as receding gums (which I tend to get when I consume a lot of nuts/seeds, and have never heard of anyone else getting, seems to be my own particular oddity!).

Anyway, recently my uncle has taken ill with advanced terminal pancreatic cancer up in the Highlands of Scotland, and I’ve been up helping the family to care for him. He’s been on some multivitamin meal replacement drinks (Fortisip) which he doesn’t like much, and I remembered about Huel, thinking that it might be interesting to try with him. I looked online and saw the Ready-To-Drink products and ordered up a box. Figuring, whether he likes them or not, I can always drink the remainder.

I cracked open a bottle and tried some as soon as they arrived. Wow. Incredible. So smooth, and deliciously tasty (Vanilla). A flatter vitamin and mineral profile. And so far, no dental issues like before. I did get the (presumably sucralose) headaches on transitioning, but that only lasted a day or so. I’ve been guzzling them ever since, from one to three to six bottles a day, usually with one home-made meal a day on top.

We tried my uncle with a glass but he wasn’t sold on it (nor were my family). But the next time I ordered the Berry version and everyone commented how delicious it tasted - my uncle even said it tasted better than his favourite strawberry flavour of the meal replacement drink he’d been trying.

Early days yet and not sure if it will be a good thing for him to take, given its higher fibre and fat contents (Basically, anything with good flavour that can encourage him to get more energy in with his limited appetite, the more’s the better - just so long as it doesn’t give him the runs and drain his energy).

But even if not, it has so far been fantastically convenient for me. Because it means that, being vegan up in a little Highland village with only one corner shop, neither my family nor I need to worry about finding vegan food and cooking it two or three times a day. I can pile in plenty of Huel drinks and it keeps me going. I don’t need to worry about time, I can stay up late watching my uncle and if I get hungry I just crack open a bottle and down it goes, no distractions.

And I’m loving them, both flavours, it’s no problem remembering to get the calories in, I’m actively thinking “hmmm, is it time for another Huel yet? Ooh, maybe I’ll have two bottles.” Plus DPD have been great so far in getting it to my door next-day delivery.

Fantastic Huel. Keep doing what you are doing.


Time is precious, glad you have more to spend with your Uncle :blush:

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Your symptoms with Huel powder were very odd but glad you’re loving RTD! If you’re unsure if it is okay for your uncle I recommend showing a bottle to his doctor just to make sure, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be okay.

Thanks for your feedback, it’s great we can help you in some small way.

Doctors aren’t always the best for dietary advice though, which is why there are specialist dieticians and even SALT (speech and language therapy) teams who are better placed to give advice on nutrition.

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