Really disappointed with Huel's taste

OK well, I was using an other vegan meal replacement. I felt a bit used to it because being on a 100% with one flavor is hard as fuck. I live in France and I have tentations for good food everywhere lol. I love food and tasting good things, I think every French does. This meal replacement has a really good taste but having the same over and over is really not good.

So I moved to huel, thinking tastes could be good. I took the U/U cause I think I can make my own tastes.

I’m really disappointed with the flavors. It’s chemical as fck. But in a bad way.

So OK… Hmm, I thought about buying aromas on internet and adding sucralose and salt myself. Do you have any successful experiences with this ?

And, this one is addressed to Huel staff. If I have many bags that are not yet opened, is it OK to be refunded if I send them you back?

Will finish my first one but… Wow I really can’t do 100%,taste is just too bad. See ya

Edit: cant post anymore, dunno why. So answering right here.

I tried adding salt, spices and hot water and it definitely has a better taste, more like some soup. I didn’t find the perfect dosage though. The hardest part is masking the taste of oats and peas. I don’t really know how to do that. Other thing, is huel not being completely liquid. I think blender is the way to go but I fear losing some nutrients.

I like the taste.

I like the taste …
Have tried new

  1. New improved vanilla
  2. Original vanilla

Pleased to say I like ALL of these :+1:

You can exchanged unopened bags for other flavours, I personally love Original & New Vanilla. You can use those as bases to add your own flavouring. (I made a post here Question: Rank your favourite Huel flavours!)

Also, and it’s quite a consensus on the Huel forum, refrigerating it overnight makes a world of a difference. Good luck! :slight_smile:

The key is to just keep drinking it and your taste will change.

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Salt use a pinch of salt always

Really constructive, thank you

Really sorry that you aren’t getting along with the taste. Can I ask why you went straight in for Unflavoured? It’s definitely an acquired taste but the Vanilla flavour is subtle and not too sweet. Perhaps you should give this a go? Our Flavour Boosts definitely work best with Vanilla too.

Alternatively there are loads of other ways you can flavour your Huel. I hope this helps!

You can however return any unopened bags you have in return for an exchange/refund, providing your order was placed within the last 30 days.

Our returns/refund policy and instructions can be found here:

Blending Huel won’t affect the nutrient content.

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I’m beginning to be accustomed to the taste. Now that I use salt and spices in hot water, it tastes like soup. Really tasty. I bought sucralose, I will test soon. Thank you for your answers.