I can only speak for myself but these are the benefits for me:

  1. I don’t always have flour in my kitchen cupboard, cornflour for thickening sauces etc. but not always regular plain or self raising flour. I do always have vanilla Huel though, and butter, and vegetable oil, oats and sugar plus usually cinnamon, ginger and sultanas. So I make cookies using Huel if I can’t be bothered to go and buy flour.
  2. Flour is just carbs, if I substitute Huel I add more protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals so it makes the cookies more nutritionally complete.
  3. Vanilla Huel gives a subtle vanilla/oaty taste to the cookies which I like.

YMMV I guess.


I swear, everytime I see someone write “nutritionally complete” all I think of is…


Yeah I get it, but… what’s your reason for eating Huel then? Are you just totally into weird powdered goop? If nutritional completeness ain’t it, and you just want quick and easy food, may I suggest crisps? They are easy and they are GORGEOUS.

If you are eating it because it’s nutritionally complete [nutritionally complete] then put your robe on and get with the programme.

@Tim_Huel @Dan_Huel please get the Huel scientists working on crisps. They made granola and that’s crunchy. Just make it, like, flat? And salty.


It’s cheap and it stops me going to Morissons and buying Chicken and Crosscut chips every day.
Or Maccies, as it’s round the corner from work.

A diet of cost/convenience (and weight loss tbh) but it’s not for any nutritional requirements really.

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This. Just this. YES.



I was getting excited but sensed a trap. And then I saw the date. Ha-ha-ha.

Please make a spicy variety too!

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They look tasty, but if god wanted us to bake our own nachos he wouldn’t have invented Huel scientists.

God works in mysterious ways my friend. Maybe you are the Chosen One who will bring upon us the taste of Huel chips. Start experimenting!

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Experiment 1: Thursday 17th October 2019

Step 1 - open crisps
Step 2 - lick crisp (both sides)
Step 3 - drop crisp in bag of Huel
Step 4 - shake bag gently
Step 5 - retrieve crisp
Step 6 - eat crisp
Step 7 - abandon experiment

Science is hard. Maybe tomorrow.



If huel can be used just like flour then why is there no huel bakerys?
Pick up a loaf of huel bread, huel croissants and a cup of coffee, couple of vegan sausage rolls.
I would go.

You shouldn’t go, you should start one. Be the change you want to see in the world.

The bakery sector is in thrall to Big Flour.


@Tim_Huel for me put simply - its variety. I’m easily distracted so adding ingredients serves the purpose of keeping the whole meal replacement experience - I wouldn’t eat the same regular plated meal three times a day – so don’t with Huel either.

True that some veggie combos do not taste good but others definitely do – just depends what the mix is. Even simply using PB2, espresso or unsweetened cocoa powder makes for a change.

Personal favourite is a breakfast shake with 1.5 frozen bananas, a tbsp of PB2 and a tbsp of manuka honey added.

Watch out for the Huel consumers working there.

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