Reflux-friendly recipes


I’ve ordered a package this week, and started to using it. The thing is that I have a mild reflux and it seems to trigger it, not really badly, but the same way as consuming porridge does (I can maybe do it once a week, but I almost immediately feel the effect). Definitely not as bad as coffee.
I’m now trying to make cookies out of it, which is slightly better. But that kind of defeats the original purpose of “nutritious food without the hassle” (which is kind of why I ordered it:).

Do you guys have any tips on what other type of meal can I make out of it, that is simple?
Or do you have experience if I make a some kind of smoothie out of it, would that be better against reflux?
(II don’t have a mixer and I don’t necessarily want to invest in one just to try out the smoothie version)

Any suggestion is welcome!

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Hi Mark… Sorry to hear you are having reflux when drinking Huel. I’ve definitely not had this problem myself. I wouldn’t have thought Huel would be likely to cause that, as there’s nothing particularly acidic in it.

You might want to get that checked out, if you haven’t already. In the meantime, here is some information you may find helpful:

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How long have you had the reflux? Have you been told what causes it? Is there an issue in your upper GI tract?