Replace a movie title with Huel..?

So, I’ve been a member of quite a few forums in the past… work related ones, car forums etc…

I’ve always started up a fun topic, where people can dip in and have a giggle.

This seems like a really cool forum so I thought I’d kick off a silly topic where you replace a word in a movie title with ‘Huel’… So I’ll start… (Mods can remove this, if it isn’t in keeping with the topical forum debates and discussions! Offense won’t be taken)

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Huel. (Tame I know…)

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Huel Runnings
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Huel
Ferris Huelers day off
Some like it Huel
Huel at Tiffany’s
Die Huel
The ShawHuel redemption
Schindler’s Huel
Robin Huel Prince of thieves
Annie Huel

…I’ll go see myself out…


The New Huelers of the World
Erm, Hueliator?
Look Huel’s talking
Huelcore Henry
The Huelk

I don’t watch many films

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To Huel and back
The Huel Guy
Huel Caesar!

A few months ago, I was wondering how long it will last until we have such topics (games, presentation,…).
Here they are.
And now the famous answer, if you don’t like it don’t read it, I know, I know.
May be I’m too old or too serious…

The Mighty Huel
A nutritionist is given community service to guide a group of teenagers toward the creation of a new product to improve their health.
Quotes: “Just shut up and try it, Averman!”

Huel with the Wind
A Southern belle is encouraged to drink Huel rather than gorge herself on barbecue food. She launches a tirade against this brutality, claiming that it gives her gas (to the horror of her guardians). Ultimately, she finds herself stronger for it.
Quotes: “As God is my witness, I will never go hungry again”

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Henry Hill and his friends work their way up through the Huel hierarchy.

Quotes include…
“For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a Hueller. To me that was better than being president of the United States. To be a Hueller was to own the world”



Can you guess it? It was Spielberg’s first film, and rhymes.

Huel Only Live Twice
Huel of Rock
Huel of the Nile
Huel Meet a Tall Dark Stranger
The Huel Sea
Intolerable Huelty
The Cider House Huels
As Huel Like It

…and favourite film quote…“There is no Dana, only HUEL!”


Lord of the Huels
Huelly Potter (and the Philosopher’s Huel)
How to tame your Huel

Couldn’t resist… 50 shades of Huel :joy:

lol @ Ferris Hueler’s Day Off, genius! :joy:

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Debbie does Huel!

Huel Intentions
Bruce Huelmighty
Harry Potter and the Deathly Huellows

101 Huelers

The InHuelables

Green Street Hueligans


Huel on a plane.
Huel to the future
Captain America : the Huel solider
What Huelers want

Mission Impossible : Huel Nation. :laughing:

The spy who loved Huel.

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The Spy Huel Loved Me? :sweat_smile: