Resistant Starch - any experience?

I recently found out about “resistant starch”. These non-digestible starches are found in natural products (cooked and cooled potato or rice, green bananas for example) and also as an additive (potato starch, inulin), and apparently are extremely beneficial to your gut micro biome.
The TL/DR version is that it feeds your gut bacteria in a very beneficial way, leading to, allegedly, the following positive outcomes:

  • Better Satiety (easier to feel full and therefore not overeat)
  • Better insulin sensitivity
  • Better body composition
  • Improved immunity / gut health
  • Decreases the amount of visceral fat stored by the body

Now, being naturally quite cynical, I’m looking into this quite widely for any actual scientific evidence that I can find that back these claims up. Most sources I’ve found so far are saying that this stuff ranges from being neutral to highly beneficial. At worst it’s like replacing some of the carbs in your diet with fibre. Which can’t be too bad.

Anyone got any info on how Huel might already contain any resistant starch? Or any experience supplementing Huel with RS?

I’m not sure of any benefits to resistant starch, but it is known for negative effects in people with IBS: worsening symptoms