Roast dinner huel!

This idea popped into my head last year and now I’ve finally gone and bought a U/U bag and it really is bland on its own.

Reading my earlier version of this idea sounds mental but here is my refined version

Anyway my idea is to add vegetarian stocks to it, maybe some sage, a tiny bit of mint and apple?


My initial thought is…disgusting :slight_smile:

Sage and vegetarian stock when added to seitan, makes a good “chicken style” meat replacement. I’ve experimented a l lot with seitan (wheat gluten) in my time, so I guess flavouring Huel could be like flavouring that…but not overly keen on roast dinner Huel (without having actually tried your idea). It may work.

That’s what people said last time, will be trying it tomorrow and will post my findings. Should salt be added too?

I wouldn’t add salt to it…

Did you try this in the end? How was it?