RTD different bottles?

Noticed the new batch I’ve just cracked into has clear plastic bottles rather than white.

Curious if the amount of recycled material going into thin has quietly changed in the background or anything?

I know I should use powder to be more sustainable, but RTD looked after me when I had a broken knee and I’ve gotten used to not having to wash the blender every day…

nothing quiet - its part of their sustainability program to have fully recycled / recyclable packaging. clear bottles are easier to recycle - assuming the 85% of consumers who currently dont think it’s their responsibility to do so, start recycling them :slight_smile:

prior to the new bags being introduced - RTD bottles were always more ‘sustainable’ than the bags.

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Well now I feel better as I’ve been cleaning them.out and recycling them!


Good spot!

This is a phased rollout that makes our RTD packaging more recyclable and means we don’t waste any of the old bottles.