RTD flavours have different thickness

I’ve noticed that the Chocolate flavoured RTD is thicker than both Banana and Vanilla which I use. I use banana and chocolate the most and the flavour is great but it always just confuses me why the chocolate is so much thicker. Any ideas why this might be?

many of the Huel products have slightly different thickness depending on the flavours such as the H&S also. I guess it’s just how they are formulated to be that way :slight_smile: with the RTD I think the banana is a little thicker than the vanilla or berry and then as you say, the chocolate is thicker again. I guess its a for richer, creamier flavour that you would expect from chocolate.

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Chocolate is really thick, so much so that I have to put a bit of water in after just to get out the bits left on the sides. Nice though!