RTD thickness poll

Hiya, I was just interested to see what people’s opinions were on the thickness of RTD and whether people prefer the flavours that are slightly thicker or thinner e.g I find that chocolate and cinnamon have a slightly thicker texture where as I find strawberry to be super thin. I much prefer the thicker texture and would love to see flavours like s&c and vanilla especially to have the same texture as chocolate and cinnamon but interested to see what others think and whether that would be a popular choice for the Huel team to consider or whether I’m on my own with it!

  • Thicker RTD
  • Thinner RTD

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something went awry with your poll set up, but you can use temperature to get the thickness you want - colder the drink is stored at - the thicker it will become.

Hey Clara,

Good question, I think I agree with you that I prefer a thicker texture.

As Phil pointed out your poll didn’t quite work so I’ve tweaked your post so the poll is now up and running, I hope you don’t mind.

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I do always keep mine in the fridge anyway, it baffles me how anyone would prefer room temp RTD! :exploding_head:

Thanks Dan!

I like the thickness of vanilla but do find chocolate too thick for me.