RTD v1.0 — Has the recipe changed? More watery

I’ve been consistently ordering Huel RTD for 4 months now, I love the stuff.
However, my most recent batch seems to be very watery. I’m not certain if this is intended or perhaps a manufacturing default…

I’m using Huel to aid with my weight gain, and I’m a little concerned that the nutritional value may be decreased if this isn’t an intended change.

Does anyone have any insights on this?


Could anyone confirm this?

Have you checked that the nutritional values and ingredients are the same? @Ben_sterling Ben_sterling

Hi @Ben_sterling - the recipe has not changed and there’s no reason why it should be more watery.

We can look at the batch though. Please let us know the batch code details and we will investigate.

Hi @JamesCollier, thanks for your response.

I think the batch number is BL010-9019 at 12:46 (on the lid)
Best before: 19 AUG 19

@airiartev The label looks the same as my previous batches, I can’t confirm as I don’t have any old bottles around.

Sorry for the delay Ben. Thanks for the information on this. Would you mind dropping me a message with your 6 digit order number so we can bring up your details and we will sort out a new box to be sent out to you ASAP.