Sample flavours

Ive been loving heul, banana and salted caramel flavours, but i getting a bit bored of them now.

I’d like to try some savoury flavours but i dont want to commit to a massive bag. Anyone know if you can get sample packs ?

No, you can’t is the quick answer.

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As @hunzas said I’m afraid we don’t currently produce any sample packs. Banana and Salted Caramel are two of my favourite flavours and within my top 3 is also Cinnamon Swirl, although I know that might be quite divisive for some people.

A classic is Vanilla and you can also add different customizable options e.g peanut butter, jams, different fruit, nutella or other spreads. To mix it up but also not take too big of a risk.

Thats such a shame. I would like to try the savoury flavours rather than more sweet stuff

There are only seven portions per bag so not as big a waste as the powder versions. Admittedly not everyone likes all of them and I know I don’t, so it’s a bit hit and miss. I only really dislike one (sweet and sour). The korma is a bit too bland for me and tomato and herb I liked a lot when it launched but don’t buy now because I prefer all the others.

Easy to tweak Hot & Savoury too, bit of hot sauce, herbs and spices, pesto, chopped spring onion, roasted garlic, fresh tomato… whatever you like. Or mix them together. What I mean is if there’s one you’re not so keen on, it’s easy to make it more to your taste, so nothing should be wasted.

As @epicure mentioned, you can mix the pasta versions together which tend to inexplicably make nicer/different flavours. for the grain ones, they also work well as bases for soups and other recipes - I’ve even made them very thick and used them as fillings with vegetables in wraps for example - so it would be unlikely you needed to waste any.