Saturo - a new kid on the block

Interesting but there are pros and cons ref Huel. Nice idea that it is pre prepared in a liquid with no lumps. But down side is you have a plastic bottle to dispose of every time you have a “meal”. Also to order by mail the product has a much bigger mass and it is impractical to buy large quantities. Interesting if you could buy it from convenience stores like bottles of mineral water now but you still have a plastic bottle to dispose of every time.

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Oh I don’t know. Plenty of people buy Soylent in month supplies at a time. I’m not sure where they keep 120 bottles but they seem quite happy to do it.

I’ve tried Saturo and I’ll say this; it is nice. The unflavoured ‘original’ in particular is amazing. Coffee tastes like I’d want it to and the chocolate is a lot like alpro’s soy chocolate milk. They’ve nailed taste.

€2.84 a meal is expensive compared to Huel though (almost double), but the convenience of just picking up a bottle from the fridge and drinking it is quite nice - I never thought I’d get powder fatigue but in the same way I tired of cooking extravagant meals for myself I’m starting to get bored of spending ten minutes mixing up a the next days shakes (ha).

I do like my Huel coffee though, took me a while to get that right but now I’m using coldbrew it’s just divine. (Drinking some now as it happens).

I’d love Huel to look into a ready to drink product. Yes, it’s more packaging, but if it’s recyclable I don’t see a massive issue - it’ll still be way less waste than the average meal.


The top ingredients after water are maltodextrin followed by soy protein isolate, so not the healthiest of drinks, no matter how many nutrition percentage boxes it ticks.


I’ve tried Saturo. I agree with @Tristan it tastes good. Perfectly mild and neutral. However, I wonder whether I get a reaction to the soy in it. It gives me a mild headache, but feels different to the slight headache Huel gives me. Also, I think it might make my glands on my neck swell up a bit.

Also, the coffee version made me feel ill, but that might be because I don’t normally drink coffee.

You are right, about the mass that needs to be transported. We try to make it as convenient as possible for you to deliver it to your doorstep. You could choose smaller quantities to be delivered more often (lighter package) or in bulk and have the shipment only every other month.

For your last point about convenience stores, we need the help of everybody promoting this product category in order to be interesting for super markets.

Let’s see how Soylent is doing with their 7-11 experiment:

Can I ask what’s the problem with these ingredients?

I’m not really a nutrition buff, so sorry if it’s something that you consider obvious.

It ticks all the RDAs, but I kinda wonder about what Im having to eat to get my calories.

Looks like calories would be mostly derived from additives - Glucose (Maltodextrin and Isomaltulose) and fats (Sunflower Oil and Canola Oil).

Where’s the… you know… food?

Isn’t that basically exactly the same as Soylent?

And a hundred or so other complete food products :wink:

I’ve tasted Saturo as well and it’s by far the nicest tasting soylent I’ve tried. It’s an ideal size, 500ml 500 calorie bottles. It is a bit more expensive but worth it for the sheer convenience of just pulling a bottle out of the fridge and drinking it. No blenders or shake bottles to wash up, just pick the bottle up, unscrew the top and enjoy. I bought 48 bottles and it was a heavy package. The courier actually carried the boxes into my kitchen for me which was a nice touch. He had a funny look on his face when I said there was a lot of water in the weight. Considering it came all the way from Austria, the boxes were in pristine condition.