Saving time, just a few thoughts

Imagine if you took Huel for 100% of your food, or even 75%. That is a huge amount of time you will save yourself in cooking, washing up, eating out etc… I’m no mathematics genius so I’m not going to try and work it out, but it could add up to days if not weeks?

Might be worth marketing it as a productivity tool!

Yes you are right @McCloud

In an age when we all seem to be under increasing time pressure we still seem to spend a lot of time shopping, prepping, cooking and then washing up. My guess would be at least 1 hour per day, probably more like 2 hours. Whereas Huel can be made in 1 mins, consumed on the move or at your desk, and washed up in 1 min.

I suppose it’s the very opposite of the ‘slow’ food movement. Saying that though, they could go quite well together. If you can save that much time with Huel, you could have an extra half day off in the week and have a nice long lazy lunch!

@McCloud yes I think that is a great way to think about it.

The majority of the time we just need to consume nutrients, in that case Huel is ideal. But social eating with friends and family is a completely different situation, and requires a lot of more time. Huel can help free up that time during the day so in the evening you have more time for a “slow” cooked and eaten meal.

I think that is the way I’d look at using Huel. I love cooking, but with work etc I find it hard to find the time to spend lots of time cooking. If I can save time using Huel, then all the better!