Savoury huel flavours?

Are there any suggestions? I’ve looked at the other threads and there is one for peanut butter, which is fine and also few for Marmite or cuppa soups.

I am trying Huel in order to become more healthy and wasn’t having stuff like cuppa soups before. I don’t want to end up using things like that as it would mean that I become more unhealthy.

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This is my favourite!

Tastes like chicken satay, really delicious!

This’ll be a vague answer from someone who doesn’t cook much, but I think the trick to savoury Huel is not to make it as a drink (besides coffee ofc). The savoury-ness is too busy to be gulped down, it feels wrong (drinkers of veggie smoothies will probably disagree). But when mixed with chopped or blended veg, and perhaps some herbs or spices, it can be a great thickener for hot soups that need to be sipped with a spoon.

Thanks, that’s a good idea.

I’ve tried the curry peanut one but I can’t have curry every day, so need alternatives.

It’s a good idea to make a thick proper soup with it.