Selling 4 bags of Huel

Hi, I can’t stand this stuff, it’s just not mine…
So, I have 4 opened bags, but there is just about 4 scoops being taken out of each bag.

Is anyone interested in buying them? I think 50€+transport would be fine for me.

If there is 4 scoops taken from each, then surely they are not “unopened”?

No, which is why the post says “opened”.

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That’ll teach me to read properly.


What flavour are they and where are you posting from?

Sorry, I’m confused. 4 bags and 4 scoops taken out of each?
If you didn’t like the first bag why did you open the other 3?



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Just to make them harder to sell…is the only reason I can think of.

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Mix the desperation one feels after wasting that much money with the vain hope the first n bags were faulty/off in some way…

Maybe there was one vanilla and one unflavoured of both original and gluten free and all were 'orrible.

Okay, here are the questions to all your answers…

I bought 4 Bags… 3 x Vanilla and 1x Unflavoured. I have 2 Vanilla in the office and the other both bags in my home. I opened at least 1 Bag at the office (im not sure if i opened both of them for whatever reason…) and i opened the vanilla as well as the unflavoured bag at my home. Due to that i stated to have opened all four bags…

THe 4x4 Spoons is just a calculated value… From the vanilla bag in my office was beeing removed 6 or 8 spoons I guess… from the vanilla bag in my home maybe 4 or 6 spoons… and from the unflavoured just 2 spoons…

I rather give “more shitty” information ( like saying all bags are opened as maybe 4 spoons taken out of every bag) than giving wrong information…

I ate huel for about 3 or 4 days… the taste is okay, but i just can’t stand the consistency… by now smelling huel I almost have to vomit… As sayed, its just not mine…

Im posting from Germany, to the guy who asked.


Xheny, they were just joking around mate. Sorry you’re struggling with Huel. If you can’t sell it, take a break and come back to it with some new ideas for cooking with it. If texture is not for you, try different thicknesses or different liquid bases, e.g. Water, milk, almond milk, coconut milk etc


Hi - might you know how much delivery to London, UK, will be, please, & how might you take payment? Thanks.

Hi, the shipping would cost 21€ Via DHL. I would prefer PayPal as paying method.

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