Separate powder Huel hot and Savoury

I’m sure this has been suggested before…

However why not have the powder and grains separate?
Have a specific sized scoop for each


You can get a better idea of the nutrients going into each meal and make the grain to powder ratio equal

Just a thought…

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The additional expense of separate packaging.

Anyway, the nutrients of each individual serving might differ very slightly but by the end of the bag it’s all balanced out. I don’t mind if one day’s diet is different from the next so long as it’s healthy and balanced over the course of the week. A bit more powder one day and a bit more grains the next doesn’t seem like a problem so long as the whole bag gets eaten.

Why not separate all the ingredients, package them separately and make them available to buy from different aisles of the supermarket?

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Thanks for the suggestion @Johnrg I will pass your idea across to our product development team.

I do think this would be unlikely due to additional production steps and we do try to ensure an equal balance of powder to grains/pasta to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

We’ll continue to try to ensure equal scoops each time.

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The idea I was thinking of was have the same packaging, but just have a divider down the middle to separate the two or just a separate bag inside with the grains in

It’d just make it way easier to have a consistently balanced meal

Kind of like a Wagamama delivery with the katsu sauce, I think I can visualize it now! I’ll make sure to pass this across to the product team to see if that’s something they would consider.



I often remove the pasta from my H&S to put the cause on something else.

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