Setting a subscription shipment date to today's date

I had a subscription for the powder, with the date for the next delivery set far into the future. Today, I edited the subscription, and changed the date to today’s date. It got saved, and then… nothing. I was expecting a clear, unambiguous confirmation saying either that it will be shipped today, or that it will not be shipped today. A clear indication of whether the operation succeeded or failed. In the latter case, I’d also expect it to show when it’ll be shipped instead.

But there was absolutely nothing. What am I to make of it? Am I getting the powder soon, or not? To be on the safer side I cancelled the subscription and then placed an order. That way, I have a certain level of confidence that it’ll be shipped soon. But why can’t I get that exact same level of confidence by editing the shipment date?

Also, this resulted in a barrage of emails : We’re sorry to see you go. Thanks for your order! Welcome Hueligan! Getting these three emails in quick succession feels very unnatural, even though I was essentially guided towards cancelling a subscription and reordering by the website’s UI and pricing.

Please add this to your internal issue tracker for website/ordering/subscription bugs, of which there are sadly too many already. :frowning:


I’ve also had this uncertainty when changing an order date to today’s date - it’s impossible to know if it will get picked up or not…
After waiting 6hrs for a confirmation and getting nothing, I ended up doing exactly the same as you!
I’m wondering if the subs get triggered at a specific time of day and so if you change the date after this time, it doesn’t trigger a dispatch?

As for the barrage of emails… they are just automated so I happily ignored them.

But yes… it would be nice to have some clarity around whether changing a sub to today ‘works’ or if it’s not enough notice for the system (in which case changing to today’s date should be disabled and tomorrow should be the default earliest new date you can select)

I have changed a sub date to ‘today’ before now. It got acknowledged and dispatched the following day.


Orders are normally shipped the following day and thats when notifications are also sent - however I imagine this will be different at the moment as the fulfilment service are on leave Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.

That’s helpful to know - thanks @Bee !
I was worried that it might have been missed. But if I’d known it would just get shipped the next day I would have left it :slightly_smiling_face:

But yes as Phil says - it’s Christmas week so deliveries are bound to be delayed - both in regards to dispatch and delivery.

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I’ve done that before and it shipped the next day

I think that’s likely. I’ve never changed a sub to “today” for that reason.

Christmas service has been good. On Sunday I edited my sub to ship on Monday and it arrived on time today.

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