"Dispatch date" vs "Delivery date" on website - does anyone know the difference?

Now that the powder on the website has changed to 3.0 I have adjusted my subscription and would like my delivery to arrive on Friday 20th when I will be at home (I brought it forward a week). I duly went into “Upcoming Deliveries” and changed Next Dispatch Date to 19 December (my understanding of that being they will dispatch it on Thursday and it will arrive on Friday). Then I took a quick look at my subscription page where I noticed it said “Delivery Date 19.12.2019”. Does anyone know whether this means that my Huel is now coming on Thursday, or on Friday?

In my experience, whenever they display a date they mean the date your card will be charged. The delivery is never sent out before then, so you should receive it the next working day at the earliest.

Thanks! I hadn’t noticed that before. It’ll probably be okay then.

I just looked in my account and I see the same as you. It’s called dispatch date on one page and delivery date on another. Definitely assume it arrives the following day.

This feels a tad cynical but I imagine it’s 100% true

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They love confusing us
I’ve found it almost impossible to set my subscription to arrive on a specific day. If I need it to come on a particular day I have to cancel it and set it up again the day before I want it :laughing:

Most of the time I don’t need it to be that precise tho so it’s not a problem

I always used to get a dispatched email about 1 hour after putting an order in even on a Sunday evening but that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. My last order for example, I made around 6.30PM and got a dispatched email at 1.15AM when I was asleep, so when I seen it in the morning it was too late to arrange for it to be dropped off at my pick up shop that day and had got it the day after. That’s not the first time either, and one time got the dispatched email after I had actually collected the item, I ordered today at 12.30 and it’s now 7.30 and had no dispatched email yet. I have the DPD app now and it’s set up in there to go straight to my pick up shop always but that bit didn’t work last time either as the email said it was going to be delivered to my home address lol. It was a much better set up before they changed it.

My last order I got the dispatch e-mail 25 hours after I ordered Huel and 12 hours after it was delivered to me…

There you go, I got my dispatched email.at 12.30 AM when I was asleep, 12 hours after I ordered and it says it’s being delivered to my home address it’s absolutely shit this.

I got an email at 01.30am saying they’d take payment on the 19th. So @David was right.

I emailed DPD and got this reply back, I thought it was a decent reply I just hope it is acted on,

Hi Ian,

Thank you for contacting DPD.

I would like to apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced regarding our parcel delivery service.

To reflect your dissatisfaction, we have raised a complaint which will be used as valuable feedback to ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated in the future and to improve our service as a whole.

I have checked with your parcel and see that your parcel has now been Picked up.

Ian, please accept my apologies for any trouble caused by this.

I can confirm I have raised a complaint on your behalf to ensure that this error is not repeated.

Hope this experience will not affect your trust in us, and we look forward to serve you more satisfactorily in future.

Would like to confirm that my order was processed on the 19th and received promptly and in perfect condition via DPD on the 20th.


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They are all mine. I have a large selection: someone else also posted one of them on the forum earlier in the year and no-one realised it was me. I won’t say who @coup

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