I changed my subscription - now I have two (and two payments taken)

I thought I’d sign up for subscription yesterday. I had the login problem many people seem to have (no response from email sent about this). But eventually got in. Set up subscription. Noticed despatch date two weeks off. Changed this to an earlier date - this seems to have initiated a new payment being taken. And checked again today and despatch date has reverted to the two-weeks-away date. Have you run out of stock?

Please refund the second payment. Please advise if I really have to wait for two weeks for subscription to start. Also seems odd to take payment so far ahead of the despatch date?

Try team@huel.com - we’re mainly users like youself in here :wink:

Tagging @Tim_Huel and @Olivia_Huel as well.

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When you set up a subscription, two things happen:

  1. you trigger an immediate order which will be delivered next working day (if ordered on a working day)
  2. you set up a rolling subscription for whatever interval you selected. It defaults to every two weeks (I think) but you can change it to any interval you require, either at check-out or by going into your subscriptions and editing the frequency

The date you see in your sub is the date the next (future) order will come.

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By bringing your next order date forwards you will have triggered another delivery so you probably have two coming immediately, and another in two weeks.

If you email customer services direct team@huel.com they will be able to sort it out for you

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Out of interest, have you got your subscription deliveries set to every 2 weeks?

Edit I see Christina got in before me :grin:

Aaaah I see… Makes sense. Thanks for the info. Yeah was fortnightly sub…

I will get on to Huel…



All sorted. Contacted Huel via Twitter which seems quicker than by email… Response and solution same day - whereas my query (sent to email) about logging in took 5 days for a reply.

Never underestimated the power of social media. Publicly posting on Twitter and tagging the company when you aren’t happy is a good way to attract their attention. And I also do it if I have received exceptional service.


:+1: Only fair

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