Shakesphere shakers review

Just to share experience.

I bought a two pack of the shakesphere v1 shakers from their website. I thought a good deal at £10 for two.
They work by being spherical at either end and not needing a grill or ball. This mixes the powder and means nothing gets stuck in the corners.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with huel.

I tried 50g, 75g, 100g and 125g with a suitable amount of water for each. Even at 50g it was still lumpy.
Looking at their range even the new ones seem to be made using the same dimensions and shape so I’d predict them to be just as ineffective. And their new models are ludicrously expensive and can’t be dishwashered.

Back to the drawing board.

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As the great man himself once said: All that glitters is not gold

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Oh…those were the ones that featured on dragon’s den…I remember them now.

Yes your right, I hadn’t heard of them but found them on Google,

What is your beef with the Huel shaker?

I’d be interested in seeing a meal replacement product on DD.

I actually know a guy who took his business onto DD, got the investment and then turned it down cos he didn’t need the money and just did it for extra publicity.

Sounds like what Katie Hopkins did when she went on the Apprentice.

I stopped using the Huel shaker after a few months, because I bought some metal ones, and I thought they were great, but after a while I found they were quite hard to clean under the rims where the metal met the plastic, so I went back to the Huel ones.

There is no perfect shaker IMHO, but the one that Huel use is pretty good.

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No beef in my shaker @Coup meat free :grin::grin:


The huel shaker works fine. I have a shaker i bought in France that mixes slightly better and has a cone shaped grill on the inside.

If the shakesphere worked it would be great as there is no grill to clean and you could store a portion in it without any getting stuck around the corners at the bottom.

I’ll try cobbling the bottom of a shakesphere on the top of a normal shaker with grill.

Also have idea for a cone shaped grill insert for nalgene bottles.
Could be useful for hikers, climbers and mountaineers. I use huel in the alps, along with soups and noodles.

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and yodels

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