Shipping instructions on international orders?

So when ordering Huel, there’s a box for instructions regarding my order, but it says that shipping instructions can be added in the email I get from Interlink when my parcel has been shipped. That’s probably true for UK orders, but the email I get is very simple, with just my address and a tracking link. I cannot see any way to add shipping instructions on the tracking page, either. This means my deliveries take a lot longer, since the parcel must be delivered to my home, returned to a central location since they’re unable to deliver, then processed for a few days before being shipped to a pickup location. I want them to ship to the pickup location straight away.

So, how can I add shipping instructions on my next order? Oh, and can they be added on the new subscription service? It’d be swell if I could put shipping instructions in my Huel account and they would automatically be added to my every order, instead of me having to add them for every delivery separately.

A final note, Interlink STILL cannot seem to handle international addresses very well. Characters like å, ä, and ö simply disappear from the address line, making my address difficult to understand. Or is the problem in Huel’s systems, when the address is collected and forwarded to Interlink?

Bump? I’d still like to know this. It’s a hassle that my order takes a week longer than necessary. I ran out of Huel today! :frowning:

Hey Ari,

Do you have the address of the pickup shop in Sweden it goes to?

I do have the address. I picked my Huel up today, though (had received a notice when I got home). The failed delivery was on Thursday, though, so I lost four days.

To clarify: the issue is not with the pickup point. The issue is that the delivery company delivers to my door, finds me not at home (I have a job), sends the package back to a central location, sends it out to the pickup point, then mails me a notice that I can come pick it up. That takes a few days.

I’d just like to be able to tell them to send it directly to the pickup point and not try to deliver it to my home, but it seems that international orders, due to being delivered by a different company than Interlink, presumably, don’t have the option to add delivery instructions in the email sent out.

You can tell me when you’re next ordering, but an idea might also be to just ship it straight to the pick up point address? I don’t know if this will work but it would save it going to yours then back again.

I could ask them, but I doubt they’ll be too keen to do a special solution for me. They handle dozens of packages a day. It’s nice of you to offer and maybe I’ll send a message next time I order. Most likely I’ll get on the subscription service next time I order. It’d be swell if one could add shipping instructions in one’s account. I imagine that’d be nice for UK customers, too, not having to give the instructions every time they receive a shipment. Just a thought.