Ordering when abroad

Unless I’m missing something obvious, it appears to be impossible to access the store if you happen to be away from your home country…?


I’m in Hong Kong right now but live in the UK. I’ve tried various things, such as googling ‘Huel UK’ but I can’t trick the website, which appears to be too clever for its own good!

Where are you trying to get it delivered to? If you want to purchase from the uk site to be delivered to your U.K. address, you could try turning off your location settings on your computer.

If you’re ordering from HK I don’t think they ship to Asia yet sorry :frowning:

Just to clarify, I live in the UK and will be ordering as usual to my UK address, however right now I’m in Hong Kong.

Interesting! I wonder if there’s a way around it… I am not sure who the website experts are here but maybe @Tim_Huel can find out if the UK store can be accessed from overseas for managing UK orders while abroad?

Not really relevant, my brother lives in Hong Kong. He is currently in UK…but flying back on Monday. Although after 10 years living there he will from 2019 be spending more time back in UK

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VPN? I’ve got a home VPN to hop back onto my broadband connection from anywhere in the world, for example. Maybe there’s a temporary VPN you can use?

I use the TunnelBear VPN on my iDevices to fool websites into thinking I’m wherever I need to be for them. I don’t need it often, but it’s a godsend when I f do :slightly_smiling_face: