International shipping


Considering to give Huel a try after I’ll run out of my current Garden Of Life meal replacements…however, got few questions:

  1. For international shipments (I’m in Israel) , what courier is being used ? Fedex ? DHL? and do we get package tracking number?
  2. If for example I subscribe to send the packages each 4 weeks, so the delivery is calculated that each 4 weeks Huel is sending a package?(not taking shipment time) or does Huel take into account the shipping time as well? (then it would actually send it every 3 weeks or so…taking 1 week for international shipping )


Um. If you want your order to arrive every n weeks, you ask Huel to send it to you every n weeks. This works for other companies too & doesn’t depend on how long it takes any given order to get to you as long as it’s consistent.

Whew. Think I did ok.

Israel orders are sent via DHL but unfortunately you don’t just get a tracking number, we have to request it. So once you’ve placed your order and received a confirmation from us, drop us an email on and we will get one for you.

I’m unsure on shipping times to Israel, I’m finding out for you now as for some reason this isn’t on our website - unless I’ve missed it. However once your order is placed it will be shipping sent out the next day and arrive with you within the expected shipping time. The subscription frequency doesn’t refer to the date you receive your Huel.

This may vary depending on the actual city it is going to, but expected shipping time to Jerusalem is 2-3 working days.

Nice , I’ll take 2 days extra on that. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: will order once my Garden of Life will run out.

Huel sounds promising.

Ordered yesterday and was notified by DHL it will arrive to my door tomorrow! so it’s two days for international shipping(in my case), excellent and fast service! really excited to try Huel for the first time!


That is awesome to hear! Keep us posted on how you get along :metal: