Support around today?

Today is a PUB-lic holiday for Huel. Check the Nag’s Head, they’ll be propping up the bar with Phil Boy. He’ll be the one falling through the open bar hatch - everyone’s favourite scene after the chandelier crashing on the floor one.

How we laughed.


“Play it nice and cool son. Nice and cool. You know what I mean…”

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I made an order on Monday , if they’ll send it on Wednesday… that’s lame.

Never heard of any support team that is completely away for entire day, even on holidays.

Welcome to Huel. It is such a fun company to work for that they treat every day like a holiday.

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@rorax ignore hunzas, the support team is always available during working hours.

That’s a bit unfair, I know overnight delivery is possible but it’s a pretty high standard to hold as a baseline expectation.

What a change of heart

Don’t worry @rorax, nobody is ignoring you and the team are all here, working hard!

We are a little busy at the moment so haven’t quite got round to your emails from yesterday.

We will look into your order status for you and reply to your latest email as soon as we have more information.

Thanks for bearing with us.

What’s unfair…? Ordered late Monday, assumed it would be sent the day after(Tuesday) , will be disappointing if it would be sent today(Wednesday).

Was under the impression that Huel has commitment for next day delivery. Especially , as you quoted me , this used to happen in the past.

By the, way, still no word from support :frowning:

Fyi, our Junior Customer Service Manager Olivia has replied to you above :+1:

Does she normally only manage to service junior customers? She should be given a pay rise for stepping up to the mark here.


That’s not really an answer @Tim_Huel .

I’m a VP of customer success myself, I manage the support and the customer success teams in my company. Writing ‘we’re under heavy load, we’ll check on your problem and let you know’ is more of a time buying tactic than an answer, not to mention that the customer would expect some kind of follow up or an update which didn’t happen until now in my case.

Two days after my order, I don’t even know if it was shipped or not and like mentioned above, non of the tickets were addressed so far.

This is bad customer service, no way around it, and it’s disappointing.

Maybe consider to implement live chat as another support channel. Its scalable, as one rep can handle few customers (opposed to phone support) and from customers perspective, they are getting live assistance.

+1 vote for live chat

Always awesome to be able to speak to someone immediately - makes the customer experience 100 times better

Personally I think Huel customer service is fantastic. The only thing that lets it down is the inability to speak to anyone urgently, should it be needed. Most queries can wait a few days but sometimes it’s really important to get help right now (like if you’ve just accidentally ordered the wrong thing and it will be dispatched today and delivered tomorrow… and HeLp! someone please change my order for me please :laughing:)

It also increases trust rating amongst new customers massively. There’s nothing less reassuring than not getting any response from anyone… it can make you worry or panic if you are not familiar with the reputation of a company, have just spent a lot of money, and can’t seem to get to speak to anyone by phone, email or online message

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BT are really good. I had 3 calls today telling me I had a virus on my PC. I ignored the first 2, but answered the 3rd and kept the guy on the phone for over 45 minutes before he eventually hung up, realising I had been taking the piss the whole time.



Still no answer , nor on the ticket or the status of the order. No clue, almost 3 days after if it was shipped or not.

If it wasn’t sent already, please cancel and refund - I won’t be in the country to receive by the time it will arrive.

I’m really sorry for the delay. As mentioned in my message yesterday, we needed to speak with our fulfilment centre to get some more info on this before we were able to get back to you.

I’m going to reply to your email privately as I need to confirm a few confidential bits of information with you so do just bear with me whilst I reply.

Also @ChristinaT - we absolutely do offer Live Chat! Currently this is only on our UK & US stores due to having fewer language speakers in house for the other markets. For more instantaneous answers, feel free to chat to us or give us a call.

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Thanks @Olivia_Huel .

You handled it the best way you could, considering the situation.

thumbs up for your service.


Didn’t know they did live chat that’s good,
Here is the live chat option on the bottom right hand side ( under the bananas :smiley: )

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So far I’ve never had need for live chat, but good to know it’s there if I do :+1:


Glad it was resolved, whether or not totally to your satisfaction. I think Mick Jagger wrote a song about it.

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I also wonder where the support team are. Emailed yesterday - no response. Quite an urgent matter of a missing delivery. Allegedly dispatched 12/9 still no sign of it. Not even any contact from the delivery people. Now totally out of Huel and our eating regime is completely screwed. Have had to go out and buy food for meals!!