Should I try Huel?

Just google the benefits of lauric acid and you’ll find a whole host of papers about how the benefits start from ~1% of calories (which would be 2.222g).

The limit in the EU is a horribly outdated 90g, and bearing in mind the prevalence of obesity, we need to be reconsidering that recommendation strongly. Regardless though, the reason for a sugar limit is to keep GI low where possible, and Whole Fuel’s GI is higher than Huel’s.

I buy from MyProtein near enough every couple of weeks at least, and 30% discount codes, though not unheard of, certainly aren’t the norm. Generally you’ll manage to get 20% at least, sometimes 25%, but rarely 30. So the difference would be smaller than your calculations, but certainly not negligible.

Bearing in mind how many people are vitamin D deficient, to say people won’t notice a difference when increasing their vitamin D intake substantially is… questionable.

MyProtein operate on a much larger scale so can buy in in far larger quantities - the fact they aren’t by far the cheapest EU option is a little ridiculous. Meanwhile the Huel discount on Christmas pudding flavour would have been to get rid of stock as it was out of season, and it would not be unreasonable to suspect they were selling this at cost, if not at a loss.

One of the main reasons that Huel appealed to me was the cost. I myself have struggled to save money and after sitting down and looking at my outgoings, I discovered that most of my expenditure was on FOOD!! Snacks at shops, the occasional takeaway, ready meals galore.

Huel comes to £1.33 a meal (with the bulk discount) which is less than a third of what I would normally spend on food. The benefit for me is that it comes out in one payment, so I can very efficiently budget my meals for the month.

I recommend buying the smallest amount first ( I started with 2 bags at £45 ) and seeing how you get on. If you notice a difference, great! Keep it up!! If not, have a sit down and consider if it’s right for you.

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I’m also vegan and on a budget. I am five foot ten and weighed 16 stone ten/twelve at my heaviest (four years ago) and although I managed to shift two stone by myself I was still overweight. Dieting was hard because I would get ravenously hungry and end up buying and eating more than I needed.

Since starting with Huel I have got down to eleven and a half stone (took me about a year and a half, I think.) Cravings have stopped and sugar crashes too - which has saved me money since I don’t run out and buy rubbish.

Regarding exercise, I run 30 miles average a week, do yoga most days and work three to four twelve hour shifts a week. My body composition has improved a great deal - my arms are now toned rather than batwingy, so my protien requirements are being met.

And I’ve decided to trial a week (starting Monday the 10th) 100% huel and see what happens. I suspect a month at 80 -100% Huel would get me back to my pre pregnancy weight (afer twenty one years!) I’ve been about 25% huelling it at work, with periods of three days occasionally higher.

The best thing about losing weight with Huel is that I did not disproportionally lose muscle tone (as I have on previous occasions.) By eating huel instead of skipping a meal I’ve had far better levels of energy. (My glucose levels are very good now, having been a touch high.)

So, my feeling is that from a health point of view this will meet your requirements.

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I use Huel for similar reasons. I house/pet sit at isolated properties and can’t alaways conveniently get to shops. Also easy way to keep my calories under control. I find the taste pleasant but not so ‘moreish’ that I crave more helpings than I need. At present I have one or two 3 scoop drinks and one or two Huel bars a day. I find the best way to enjoy Huel is to make it up (using handheld mixer if poss) and leave it in the fridge over night. Seems to be thicker and also nice and cold. I live on nothing but Huel on some sits for 2 or three weeks.

I am a foodie, celiac and foodie. Because of the combination of the two, plus very specific work hours due to my profession.
I love to spend long evenings in quite exclusive restaurants; at home I love to cook or to be served very cared meals, when I work and to compensate the time I spend in quality particular food, I often use huel, this happens regularly.

It’s a full meal, so you don’t have to worry that you’re not eating enough nutrition, it’s fast to make, to eat and doesn’t make dirty dishes, so you can save time for breakfast and or lunch and dedicate more time to work, fun and to make a better diner. It doesn’t interrupt your workflow and does not cost much, ir save you from making junk meals in a hurry (common issue for students).

Overall it’s great.
Alert: tastes gross if you don’t add some soy milk or anything milk to it. Tastes delicious with powder soy milk added.