Simply stunned


I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to all the lovely people on this forum who have been so supportive over the past few days,
and an even bigger MAHOOSIVE thank you to one very kind person in particular. You know who you are, I don’t, although I think I have a pretty good idea, but just in case I’m wrong I wanted to say a public thank you for your incredible generosity. I’m moved beyond words, and just don’t know what to say other than thank you, thank you, thank you. Someone on this forum truly has a heart of gold.



I flippin’ love this forum.


Anyone else wanting to know what went on here?!


Was it a million pounds donation to Wendy???


No, better than that! A Huel donation :smile:


Was it you, Ian? :kissing:


Hmm mm, @GTIPuG is feigning ignorance… was it you, Phil? :kissing:


Or maybe it was @Bee, who’s unusually quiet, but lurking and liking. I feel like Poirot, but a very stupid version of Poirot who is completely in the dark. And instead of a dead body, I’m investigating an extremely generous donation of Huel. OK, maybe I’m not like Poirot at all :laughing:


LOL no, sorry Wendy. 'Twasn’t me, though I really wish it was. It is a very generous gesture, whoever it is :thinking:


That much is certain :heart:


Or maybe the mysterious @ChristinaT with the big boobies has an equally big heart. :thinking:


@Wendy_Shepherd haha my heart is bigger than my boobs, but twasn’t me. So happy someone has been so lovely :hugs:
Makes me feel all warm inside


My delivery arrived yesterday, 12 vanilla rtd, 12 berry rtd, and a tshirt! I just want to say thank you once again to whoever it was that has gifted this to me, and to the guys at Huel for matching your donation. I’m incredibly grateful and touched by your generosity. I tried a berry rtd when I went out for a bike ride with my dog, and it was lovely, and of course I wore the tshirt straight away. I practically live in jeans and tshirts, and Huel tshirts are always my first choice, so I was over the moon to find a tshirt in my parcel. :smile_cat:


It certainly was a lovely gesture Wendy.
There are some very thoughtful people around.


That’s wonderful, Wendy. How very generous of all concerned. So touching :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Maybe it was @TimOfficialHuel :blush:


I am aha :joy:


It’s all explained a bit further down:

I love revisiting this thread. It’s such a warm and wholesome section of the forum, completely @hunzas free…


Yes but maybe the culprit/hero was @hunzas :thinking:


What? Hahaha Im lost here. Huel donation from X?